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Slapstick Saturday: John Cena gets knocked out by Tracy Morgan on live TV

Live, from New York, it's John Cena getting KTFO!

Michael N. Todaro

Thanks for coming.

If you want to see John Cena do the job, don't turn in to WWE programming. After all, Cena is the company's top star and is so powerful, he can come back from triceps surgery and win the World Heavyweight Championship in his first match back, then defend it the next night on RAW after taking about a dozen chair shots.

But that chin is suspect...

That's the only explanation behind his decison to put Tracy Morgan over on Saturday Night Live, as the wimpy comic has to clear several levels of the studio building like some kind of milquetoast Game of Death, with Cena playing the part of Hakim (sans giant footprint).

Cena mean mugs in his cheap suit, then gets laid out like a chump.

Morgan also clowns fellow SNL'r Tina Fey, right before the "Live from New York!" schtick. Since WWE, its stars and especially its fans deserve better, here's a clip of how to properly appear on NBC's long-running sketch comedy:

Love The Big Show cameo at 1:26.


"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and his doppelganger on SNL wannabe MADtv.

Will Sasso is pretty damn good as "The Rattlesnake!"

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