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Hulk Holland's Thanksgiving meltdown: Turkey, stuffing and Survivor Series

"I'm thankful because I'm rich ... and you're not." --Million Dollar Man

I better mark this day on my calendar, as any day I agree with The Ultimate Warrior on anything is one worth remembering.

"Survivor Series was always really neat because back then they happened on Thanksgiving Day," Warrior told Digital Spy. "The holiday has a certain feeling to it. The way the WWF really took care of the talent, because it was a holiday and most of the guys were away from their families, was really special."

I concur.

It was special for WWE families as well. I don't mean families of WWE performers, but for families in the "Universe" who enjoy professional wrestling above sports. When I talk to my peers this holiday season, the discussion invariably drifts toward which NFL game is going to be on during Thanksgiving dinner.

Ya' know, tradition and all that stuff.

I never really got into football. My dad couldn't be bothered and while I worked the gridiron in high school, I was a "take it or leave it" type of fan. I root for the New York Giants because I married a "Big Blue" fan, but I could live without it. I also know I'm not alone, because WWE has aired its Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) on Thanksgiving day in the past.

It's a lot to ask.

Performers deserve the chance to be home with their loved ones over the holiday and it can be a gamble to ask WWE fans to leave their own homes on Thanksgiving. But as Warrior alluded to, a show like that has a special feeling to it. And I would love to sit down with a slice of pumpkin pie, hot cup of coffee and my kid for a night of wrasslin'.

Sure beats doing a sink full of dishes.

I'd be pretty bummed, however, if I gave up my holiday and WWE delivered a turkey, like the Survivor Series that just passed. Big Show vs. Randy Orton? Divas five-on-five elimination match? I get indigestion just thinking about it. It's hard to make shows feel special anymore.

There's just too damn many of them.

When I was younger, we hardly saw the top stars. There was no Monday Night RAW and there definitely wasn't a Smackdown. Staying up late to watch Saturday Night's Main Event was like the greatest thing in the world because it had marquee match-ups and came across like its own mini PPV.

Now, we see every top star a few times each week and it's exhausting.

I recognize that moving Survivor Series to Thanksgiving day would not be the cure for what ails it, and the desire to have it do so is purely selfish. But something about having that big-feel PPV to look forward to would be a nice way to cap off the holiday.

Then again, the "Universe" always looks better through nostalgic--colored glasses.

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