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WWE Survivor Series match card: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatt Family preview

The Best teams up with The Beard to do battle against the rising evil genius that is the Wyatt Family. Sure, it's only a tag team match but it features two of the best wrestlers in the industry today against two compelling characters under the spell of their evil overlord.


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Although this could be considered a step down for Punk and Bryan, it could just as easily be considered a step up for Harper and Rowan. Plus, the evil genius Bray Wyatt is looming large in his rocking chair. Two proven stars with great workrates against two rising breakout candidates who are seriously underrated? This should be fun.

The Road to Survivor Series

"The devil made me do it."

Those are the words spoken by Wyatt after his two goons, Harper and Rowan, took out both Punk and Bryan in separate attacks on one episode of Monday Night Raw following Hell in a Cell last month. And while it was a super intriguing line that created plenty of speculation regarding who exactly "the devil" is or could be, there has been very little follow up, at least on that particular train of thought.

Instead, we've been given various matches involving the four superstars throughout the past couple weeks, almost all of them ending in some sort of smoz that saw the babyfaces overcome the heels or the heels overwhelm the babyfaces.

Pretty easy booking.

Harper, in particular, has been working his ass off, putting on solid singles matches with both Punk and Bryan over the past couple weeks. They're also pulling double duty, working Raw and SmackDown.

Still, "the devil" theme remains unresolved.

What's at Stake?

Realistically, Punk and Bryan can lose here and all will remain well for The Best and The Beard. But if the Wyatt clan gets taken out in such a high profile match this early in their rise on the main roster, what impression will that give the fans regarding their ability to be major players on the brighter stages?

Sure, you could argue losing to Punk and Bryan is far less damaging than jobbing to someone like say, The Miz, but a loss is a loss.

Ask Zack Ryder.

What will be unfortunate is if WWE decides everyone needs to be protected and therefore no one can lose. Because that way, no one will win.

Including fans.

Find out how it all goes down at Survivor Series tonight (Nov. 24, 2013) at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, live on pay-per-view.

For complete results and live match coverage of Survivor Series tonight click here.

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