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WWE Survivor Series match card preview: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Can the champ's surgically repaired arm withstand he challenger's signature submission hold? Don't "lol". Read what we think about Cena facing Del Rio this Sunday, November 24th in Boston on pay-per-view (PPV).

World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

The Champ is here! John Cena's uncanny heroics were on full display last month at Hell In A Cell. On that night he miraculously returned from a devastating injury to abruptly take over the World Heavyweight Championship (WHC) mantle from Alberto Del Rio's vice-like grip. But Del Rio's complacent arrogance from last month has dangerously been transformed into malicious anger, and he is determined to make a vulnerable John Cena tap out at Survivor Series.

The Road to Survivor Series

John Cena immediately ran into trouble the night after Hell in a Cell, as Damien Sandow repeatedly assaulted Cena's injured arm during his cash-in of the Money in the Bank contract. John Cena eventually overcame Sandow's best efforts, but the champ's body was clearly a wreck as a result of this dramatic and brutal encounter with Sandow.

Later in the night Alberto Del Rio seized the moment to pronounce his evil intention to break Cena's arm. Del Rio would later go on to reveal that he was feeling quite ill on the night of the Hell in a Cell event and that John Cena was merely a gutless thief who needed to take advantage of Del Rio's sickness in order to secure the championship victory.

Over the next several weeks, Del Rio then backed up his threats by tapping out superstars such as Big E. Langston, Kofi Kingston, and The Great Khali. Meanwhile John Cena was embroiled in a mini-feud with The Real Americans, and even though Cena always emerged victorious, it was obvious that he came back from surgery too soon. Cena's arm was in really bad shape and Alberto Del Rio could sense blood in the water.

Del Rio ran in to the ring following one of Cena's victories and he proceeded to violently target Cena's weak arm with a chair, including a perfectly executed cross arm breaker with assistance from the chair.

Later in the week Del Rio continued on with his plan to destroy Cena's arm during a ruthless attack in the midst of an arm-wrestling contest. Cena won the feat of strength, but Del Rio simply used the arm-wrestling contest as a trap to lure Cena into yet another painful beatdown, which included slamming Cena through a table.

On the most recent episode of Raw, Cena grabbed a mic and vented about his frustrations as it related to his injured arm. Del Rio saw that Cena's arm was incapacitated inside a sling and so he charged down to the ring and eagerly jumped on this golden opportunity to finally break John Cena's arm. But this brash hastiness clouded Del Rio's judgment, and before he knew it Cena had removed the sling and launched his own series of physical blows directed at a surprised Del Rio. Alberto retreated from this trap and vowed that he will finish the job of breaking John Cena's arm at Survivor Series.

What's at stake?

Not only does the World Heavyweight Championship hang in the balance at Survivor Series, but John Cena's career could also be in jeopardy. If Alberto Del Rio cinches in his patented cross arm breaker, he could instantly snap Cena's arm in half and send him back on the shelf, possibly for good. Will John Cena be able to set aside the pain and pull off his Superman duties one more time? Or will Alberto Del Rio vanquish the hero and reclaim his spot on top of the throne?

For complete results and live match coverage of Survivor Series tonight click here.

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