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Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament: The Field of 64

After a days long nomination process, the field of 64 has been set for the Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament. Come see which moments made the cut!

Throughout the past couple days, you Cagesiders were asked to go about the arduous task of nominating the very best moments in all of pro wrestling history. You were also asked to "rec" those nominations based on which you felt should make it into the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament.

Well, now we have our Field of 64.

Here it is:

1. Mankind's Hell in a Cell fall
1. Austin 3:16
1. Jericho's WWE debut
1. Punk's pipe bomb

2. Punk wins title, leaves WWE
2. Formation of nWo
2. Benoit and Guerrero's celebration
2. Mankind wins first title

3. Montreal Screwjob
3. Michaels turns on Jannetty
3. Edge spears Hardy off a ladder
3. Henry's retirement swerve

4. Hogan slams Andre
4. Lawler slaps Kaufman on Letterman
4. I'm sorry; I love you
4. McMahon on Nitro

5. Stone Cold beer truck
5. Austin/Hart double turn
5. Lesnar and Show break the ring

6. HBK superkicks Benjamin
6. Ziggler cashes in MITB
6. Who's your daddy, Montreal
6. The Shockmaster's debut

7. Macho Man and Elizabeth reunite
7. Goldberg beats Hogan
7. Superfly splash off the cage
7. Scott Hall WCW return

8. DX invades WCW
8. Hard times
8. This is your life, Rock
8. Bryan wins first WWE title

9. Simmons wins WCW title
9. Angle suplexes McMahon through glass
9. Dougles throws down NWA title
9. Edge cashes in MITB

10. The Rock returns to Raw
10. The Shield debut
10. Lesnar returns to F-5 Cena
10. Guerrero wins first WWE title

11. Cesaro kills Miz
11. Nexus debut on Raw
11. DiBiase basketball challenge
11. Lita vs. Trish headlines Raw

12. Tyson and Austin
12. Piper's Pit with Snuka
12. Hart and Michaels make up
12. Anger management

13. Undertaker kicks out of Pedigree/Superkick combo
13. McMahon falls off TitanTron
13. Edge spears Foley through flaming table
13. Flair wins the Rumble

14. Punk impersonates Hardy
14. Snake bites Savage
14. The Nation of Domination kid
14. Cane Dewey

15. Punk sings to Mysterio's daughter
15. Austin tribute to Owen
15. Jericho & Benoit win tag titles
15. Austin Stuns McMahon

16. Bulldog wins Intercontinental title
16. Vince tears both quads
16. Rhodes family win jobs back
16. With a tear in my eye

It should be noted that titles are shortened greatly so as to fit within the confines of one title. These may be shortened even more during match-ups but each match-up will feature videos and descriptions of each moment.

That's the field, Cagesiders. This should be a good one.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of, and the complete schedule for, all the first round match-ups. And no, they won't be in line with what you see here as this is in no particular order.

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