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Preview for the November 14, 2013 episode of TNA Impact: I submit

Previously on Impact Wrestling

Adam "Pacman" Jones know what, I can't even...let's just jump ahead to...

Some other ridiculous stuff that I don't care about. But, hey, at least it involved pro wrestlers. Sting called out his Main Event Mafia 2.0 brethren for a State of the Family address. What they set out to do has been accomplished (no thanks to them), so they parted on good terms. Well, as good of terms as possible when Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Magnus are all competing in the World title tournament. And that British guy seems a little salty about the whole deal, too.

Angle started to prattle on about earning his Hall of Fame shot again, but Bobby Roode came down to cut him off and kick off the first of three pull apart brawls the two would have throughout the course of the show. Bad Influence helped to calm The It Factor down after the second one, and then got into a disagreement of their own with the Cincinnati Bengals players that I'm not going to talk about.

Gail Kim and her enforcer, Lai'D Tapa took out...pretty much the rest of the Knockouts roster when they broke up the #1 contenders match between ODB, Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher. The champ said as much in her post beatdown promo issuing an open challenge to any female wrestler outside of TNA to come try and take her title.

The handful of guys who still pledge allegiance to Aces & Eights totally fooled Mr. Anderson into thinking they were breaking up, only for them to unite in the common cause of kicking the Asshole's ass. While getting your ass kick is never fun, this probably spells more trouble for Anderson down the road, given that he's scheduled to face Bully Ray at very special Turning Point episode of Impact in a few weeks.

Ethan Carter the Third won his latest match, even though he has only faced two guys since his debut at Bound for Glory. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian seemed to blow off their feud with Eric Young and Joseph Park/Abyss with a victory that cooled down the crowd before the main event.

Which was a fun match that saw Jeff Hardy go over Chris Sabin in the World title tournament. The Full Metal Mayhem stipulation probably wasn't necessary, but Dixie Carter has to keep raising the bar to keep up with those deep-pocketed Friends of AJ Styles buying time on her show to keep us up to date on the champ-in-exile's foreign exploits.


Previews are spoiler-free, but tonight's broadcast was taped last Thursday in Cincinnati. If you're interested in the results, we've got you covered - click here.

The Wheel of Dixie has decreed that the first round tournament match between Angle and Austin Aries will be a Submissions Match. I love Last Chancery as much as the next smark, but I'm going with the two-time Gold Medalist in this one.

Next week's show will be a pay-per-view (PPV) quality episode, and feature two tournament matches. The President will spin her wheel twice tonight to determine the stips for Roode vs. James Storm and Joe vs. Magnus.

Who will answer Gail Kim's challenge? And how can Anderson overcome the numbers game of his former club?

All that, some Bad Influence comedy and probably footage of AJ in Japan on this, the last Impact from outside of Universal Studios Florida for the foreseeable future!

Expect to pop for:
The heat is on:

Sorry everybody...back to normal with tomorrow's Smackdown preview

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