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Bryan & Punk vs. The Wyatt Family Tag Match Official for Survivor Series

Cool those twelve man traditional Survivor Series match dreams - for now. is reporting that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a two-on-two tag team match in Boston. broke news this morning that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will team up to face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family at Survivor Series. It will be a two-on-two tag team affair in Boston on Sunday, November 24th.

How could the pairing of smark favorites against the hottest concept to come out of developmental feel like a letdown?

With the November pay-per-view (PPV) being famous for its signature concept, pitting teams of four to six wrestlers a side in elimination-style matches, many took the fact that last night's Raw main event ended in a chaotic brawl with six babyfaces and six heels as a sign of things to come. The internet was lathered up to buy an event it had been unconvinced about based on the Randy Orton vs. The Big Show main event. A bout that many thought should have included Bryan as challenger - or champ.

Booking it this way is a heck of a consolation prize, though. With The Beard and Harper currently working at amazing rate, having fewer men in the ring will give everyone's wrestling more of an opportunity to be seen. The Shield and the tag team champs are free to be a part of other matches on the card. And The Real Americans can contend for the tag straps, something that would have been lost had Cody Rhodes and Goldust been placed on a six-man Survivor Series team.

Still, after the high of watching so many current and future favorites close the show as the Manchester crowd went mad last night, it's hard to not be a little bummed. The fact that, unless this a little misdirection before more names are added to the match, there isn't looking to be a multi-man elimination in the offing adds to it.

What do you Cagesiders think? Is this the trojan horse to a bigger match? Are you happy either way, or will you be bummed out if we get a series of tag matches instead of one big Survivor Series team showdown?

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