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On this date in WWE history: Triple H does the job for Ric Flair at Taboo Tuesday

Triple H takes a lot of flak for his politics behind-the-scenes throughout his WWE career but there were a few times when he did the job, like on this date in history when he put Ric Flair over at Taboo Tuesday.

Ric Flair has had his share of personal issues throughout his long career in professional wrestling, a few times even allowing them to spill over into his on-screen doings. That includes his early run in his return to WWE in 2002, when he wasn't sure if he could still hang with the big dogs on the roster.

Triple H would ultimately give him a great match on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2003 that would lead to a celebration once the show went off the air, all in honor of "The Nature Boy."

They turned this into a storyline a few years later after Evolution dissolved and Flair kept going strong, winning the Intercontinental title from Carlito. "The Game" had returned from hiatus and attacked Flair, citing a need to take the old man out behind the woodshed and put him out of his misery.

Because he didn't want to watch one of the greatest world heavyweight champions ever celebrate mediocrity with the Intercontinental belt.

So they went to a steel cage match, as chosen by the fans, at Taboo Tuesday 2005. And Triple H did the right thing, jobbing to Flair after giving him another great match.


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