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WWE Battleground match card preview: The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield

The Rhodes family has been defeated, beaten and humiliated by HHH, Stephanie McMahon and their lackeys, The Shield. Now, all that comes to a head with the future and honor of Cody, Dusty and Dustin on the line. Who will walk out of Buffalo with their head held high?

Careers on the Line

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

For the tag team champions, this is strictly business. But for the Rhodes brothers, it's all about business AND it's deeply, deeply personal.

The Road to Battleground

In what has been, for the this writer, one of if not the best angles to come out of the Corporate H storyline we've been witness to since SummerSlam, years of issues between Dusty Rhodes and his sons and the McMahon family have been turned into on-screen drama. We'll probably never know how much of the animosity and jealousy is real, but we know how it has played out on our television screens the last couple of months.

A recently face-turned Cody Rhodes expressed displeasure at how Chief Operating Officer and special referee Triple H took matters into his own hands to ensure that Daniel Bryan wasn't WWE champ and face of the company. That lead to the COO putting the soon-to-be married Superstar's career on the line in a match against then-WWE champ Randy Orton. When a valiant effort came up short, Hunter was true to his word and fired Cody on the spot.

When his half-brother, former WWE employee known as Goldust, tweeted up a storm about the mistreatment of his younger sibling, the man born Dustin Runnels was given a shot at earning Cody's job back - with a match of his own against the Viper. The Bizarre One still had it, but enough of it to win. HHH's wife Stephanie McMahon made sure to twist the knife on Goldy on his way out the door, reminding him of his many failures as a sports entertainer.

That brought the boys father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, up from his post in WWE's Florida developmental operation to try to "talk business" with Stephanie. When the vindictive Billion Dollar Princess forced Dusty to choose between his two boys, Dream refused. Faced with watching the NWA Legend be decimated by the Hounds of Justice or taking him out with one his knockout punches, fellow McMahon whipping boy The Big Show, leveled the Son of a Plumber with one big right hand.

All that lead to this past Monday night, where Mr. and Mrs. Best for Business offered Cody and Goldust a shot at regaining employment with the company controlled by the McMahon family - if they could beat the tag team champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Dusty was quick to accept on his sons' behalf, and promised to corner them with his own job with NXT added to the pot.

What's at stake?

Win, and clan Rhodes just might have a future with the biggest pro wrestling concern the world has ever seen. Lose, and they'll be forced to either find another line of work or to settle for working for less-esteemed competitors.

The Hounds of Justice have been faithful servants of HHH since he revealed his evil ways this August. But at times, they've been placed in less than favorable circumstances by The Game. Dean Ambrose will almost certainly be on hand to ensure that the odds are even on the floor as in the ring, but after their pummeling at the hands of an unleashed World's Largest Athlete on this past Friday's Smackdown, how will The Shield react to this latest errand for The King of Kings?

The Rhodes will certainly be willing to put it all on the line for their livelihood and honor...will Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins be willing to do the same?

Find out if blood is thicker than water, Sunday night at Battleground and right here at Cageside Seats!

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