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Ring of Honor announces Final Battle Main Event

**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** Tired of your babyface heroes not getting the A+ treatment? Not interested in the Thursday night show doing knock-offs of stories that already aired on Monday night? Maybe it's time to check out the promotion that birthed a bunch of your favorite stars?

I have done a horrible job with my unofficial post as Ring of Honor (RoH) guy here at Cageside Seats, and for that I apologize. But with the company announcing the main event for one of their signature shows, and with fan outrage at recent decisions by WWE matching fan disbelief/interest in everything but the imminent collapse of TNA, I figured I had better at least take a moment to throw something together about their main event scene as the head to New York City in December...


When Jay Briscoe was injured (or headed to WWE, as the rumors at the time went) during the last days of ROH's war with S.C.U.M., matchmaker Nigel McGuiness decided to hold a tournament to determine the next World champion. During the course of that tourney, another man who is no stranger to WWE rumors, Adam Cole, completed a heel turn and found himself in the finals against "Unbreakable", Michael Elgin. Elgin was fresh off a brutal semi-final against former ROH standardbearer Kevin Steen, and seemed to have the match won, but the referee was not in position to count the pin.

Cole was able to pull out the win there, and after the match superkicked not only his vanquished foe, but also the injured man who had been forced to vacate when he came down to the ring to present the Floridian with the strap.

Now, by virtue of pinning Cole at another show, Glory by Honor, in a "Champions vs. All-Stars" match, Elgin is getting another shot at the title.

Also at Glory by Honor, the Delaware chicken farmer unveiled a title of his own, declaring himself a champ in exile:


It's not rocket science, but they tell complete stories (S.C.U.M. came and went in the time it took for TNA to even get the Aces and Eights story to the Bully Ray reveal) and popular acts rise to the top of the card. I'm not the biggest Elgin or Briscoe mark in the world, but it makes sense that they're contending for the belt, and I'm fairly convinced that we'll get a satisfying payoff to their programs.

Any Cagesiders keeping up with the venerable indie these days?

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