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John Cena promises to bring back 'focus and honor' to world heavyweight championship

Now that John Cena is the world heavyweight champion, is WWE going to put a renewed emphasis on the Big Gold Belt? Cena is promising as much, at least.

As you should know by now, John Cena did indeed defeat Alberto Del Rio at last night's (Sun., Oct. 27, 2013) WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, to win the world heavyweight championship. In the immediate aftermath, fans quickly spit out the old familiar refrain that this could mean a return to legitimacy for the Big Gold Belt.

They've been aided since then by a call to arms from the Cenation leader himself, who posted the following on Twitter:

Cena is too big a star to avoid working Monday Night Raw in favor of focusing solely on Friday Night SmackDown, but his working both shows could wear him down even faster than his current pace, which is already blistering. He's getting long in the tooth, as Cagesider GuyinNY opined recently, and a reduced role could very well be just what the doctor ordered.

The question, then, is whether or not WWE would book him as he's been booked in times past. Let's take a look back at the positioning on the card of the world title:

Royal Rumble: PPV opener (Match 1 of 5)
Elimination Chamber: PPV opener (Match 1 of 7)
WrestleMania 29: Match 5 of 8
Extreme Rules: Not on card due to injury to champion
Payback: Match 4 of 7
Money in the Bank: Match 5 of 7
SummerSlam: Match 3 of 7
Night of Champions: Match 3 of 8
Battleground: PPV opener (Match 1 of 8)
Hell in a Cell: Match 6 of 8

Obviously, there's plenty of room to grow, considering the world title hasn't been the main event of a single PPV this year. Beyond that, it's actually opened three shows and didn't even appear on one.

Survivor Series and TLC are the two shows left on the schedule for 2013. Anyone think Cena will ensure the world title match will headline either of those events?

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