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WWE Hell in a Cell results and reactions from last night (Oct. 27): This is aw-ful (clap-clap-clapclapclap)

Complete results and reactions to last night's (Sun., Oct. 27, 2013) WWE "Hell in a Cell" pay-per-view (PPV) event from Miami, Florida, featuring yet another terrible finish in the main event of the evening.

WWE went rolling right on through the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, last night (Sun., Oct. 27, 2013) with Hell in a Cell, featuring Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton duking it out in the main event of the evening only to have Triple H and Shawn Michaels go and ruin it.

That damn DX. Err ...

Click here to check out the live blog.

Let's not waste any more time with pleasantries and get right to reactions to the show:

  • Really, really enjoyed the triple threat tag team match, if only because the concept behind tagging yourself in whenever you're close enough to touch someone's back worked perfectly to suit the chaotic nature of these teams and this ongoing feud. Again, I can't get over how incredible the timing is when the Rhodes brothers and The Shield get together. The Usos too, really. Plus, they care about continuing to raise the bar with new and interesting offense, like the suplex off the top rope Cody Rhodes gave Seth Rollins. I could watch Rhodes give Rollins the Cross Rhodes every night. It's glorious.
  • Considering The Miz's character, his personality, and Bray Wyatt's general theme I suppose it makes sense for the two to go at it until Kane comes back. Oh wait, there's Kane and he's here to raise HELL. Actually, I thought this little segment was awesome if only because it led to Kane surprising everyone by choke slamming Miz despite their common enemy. Because you ALWAYS choke slam Miz.
  • Do any of the women who work for WWE run the ropes the right way? Or are they all so timid? With that being said, I'd like to see Summer Rae actually wrestle more.
  • Big E. Langston's spear through the ropes all the way to the floor was gorgeous. The fact that it ended the match because Dean Ambrose chose to get counted out was not. In fact, it damn near ruined everything that came before it. There is a right and a wrong way to do a count out finish, or at least a way to do it where it still feels satisfying, and this wasn't it. The entire match was a modified clusterfuck, what with that bumping of heads and cut under the eye and what not.
  • The guy driving the lift to get Paul Heyman to the ring had to be the most embarrassed man on Earth last night. As the minutes wore on and the entrance was getting more and more uncomfortable, Heyman was trying his best to look menacing, like his master plan was working the perfection and he couldn't wait to get the microphone to reveal it to the world. But he couldn't help but laugh at the fact that the driver was fucking up so monumentally bad. This was a really bad moment that was also kind of awesome.
  • Ryback to CM Punk: "You're a punk. You're a punk, you punk." Yeah.
  • Maybe it's just me, but every time there's some report out in the pro wrestling media or on a blog or some moderately well known site that Punk is nursing some injuries, he goes out and has a match that features him being just a tad more reckless. Or maybe just a tad more willing to do spots that directly contradict the reports that he's hurt. That doesn't mean the reports aren't accurate, just that it seems to be the case with Punk. Considering his attitude to, well, everyone, it wouldn't be a surprise.
  • Now that Punk pinned Ryback clean and then got his revenge on Heyman, can we be done now? Thanks!
  • I'm actually starting to enjoy the Los Matadores entrance.
  • JBL tells us Antonio Cesaro did 31 rotations of the Giant Swing on whichever one of the Los Matadores he did it on, and that's great. But the little wrinkle he added, where it looked like he was about to stop but then caught a quick second wind and kept going was great. Still, super disappointed not to get to see El Torito turned a million times.
  • I thought the John Cena deifying hype promo videos WWE was airing in the weeks leading up to this show were mostly unbearable. It was just a little too much for me. Then last night they basically ran the same thing back but intercut scenes of Alberto Del Rio using the Cross Armbreaker to take out various foes during his run with the world heavyweight title. Then, they ran back the promos he cut leading to this match about how soft Cena has become and he planned on tearing his arm up even worse. I loved this. All tied together, it worked perfectly.
  • The match, on the other hand, was your typical main event style bout. Still, it had emotion because of Cena's return despite the two not interacting even once in the weeks leading up to it. The crowd, nevertheless, got into it like they had a deep rivalry which, in fairness, they've had before. The psychology was good, but that part was easy considering the injury Cena had coming in. The spot with Cena powerbombing his way out of the Cross Armbreaker had far more meaning with his injured elbow. So, yeah, this was pretty good.
  • I love how AJ was smart enough to avoid the first slap to the face but got so caught up in celebrating her smarts, she somehow became dumb enough not to anticipate the follow up slap.
  • Brie Bella's screaming during her matches is distracting. Like the women who do it in tennis. I just can't handle it. Anyway, the finish to the Divas title match was far too choreographed for my liking. I mean, yeah, all of it is that way, but it can't be so blatantly obvious that you can't still enjoy it.
  • We got an entire Triple H entrance JUST SO HE COULD WALK THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE RING. Look, he does a lot of good for WWE and I'm actually looking forward to his taking over for Vince McMahon for various reasons, but this is the shit fans are talking about when bringing up how ridiculously bad it gets with this guy sometimes. His ego is unreal to dedicate time for an entrance just to bring out the belt and show it off to both guys, something the referee is supposed to do. You know, the one fans elected special with a vote on that stupid WWE App?
  • Those "asshole" chants for him later made up for it. Kind of.
  • You had to love Bryan and Orton setting up a million chairs in the ring for a big superplex off the top rope right onto them only for the two to miss by a mile. Could have been a really good spot, too.
  • The Bryan vs. Orton match wasn't really doing much for me all throughout it. I mean, they work well together and whatever, but it wasn't connecting and felt flat for most of it. Then they went into the finish and oh my god this was awful in every way. The booking sucked because, again, it was to protect everyone and not really put anyone over, which is a great way to make everyone look like dog shit. Then, the execution was awful. Bryan appeared to miss on his flying knee to Triple H. That or the sell job was bad. Then, Michaels telegraphed that he was about to hit Sweet Chin Music on Bryan and then HE MISSED.
  • Ugh.

You would have been better off just bailing after the tag team title match.

Grade: C-

That's it from me, Cagesiders. Now it's your turn to sound off in the comments section below with all your thoughts on last night's show. How did you like it?

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