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Video Playlist: Every WWE Hell in a Cell match in history

If you've got plenty of time on your hands, check out this playlist of every WWE Hell in a Cell match in history.

There have been 26 Hell in a Cell matches in the history of WWE. Of those, I found 25 on YouTube. The only match I wasn't able to find and put on the above playlist was the tag team match with Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin taking on Kane and Mankind on Monday Night Raw back in 1998.

The good news? It really wasn't a great match anyway.

There was also a dark match that took place after a Raw show in 2011 and we've got grainy, phone camera footage of that one. Because, of course I could find a dark match that features Jack Swagger and not one that involves Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Anyway, the playlist is in order from the very first Hell in a Cell match -- the five-star classic Shawn Michaels and Undertaker put together at Badd Blood 1997 -- all the way to the last Hell in a Cell match -- the snoozer CM Punk and Ryback put together at the pay-per-view of the same name last year.


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