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CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman full match video preview for WWE Hell in a Cell 2013

It's one year later and not a whole lot has changed, really.

Just one year ago, CM Punk was in the midst of his 434-day WWE championship reign when Ryback was inserted in the title picture after a long winning streak. Something had to give and it was a legitimately hot match that actually moved the needle at the box office.

It's just too bad WWE bungled the finish, booked Ryback into oblivion, and sent Punk spiraling down almost as bad not long after.

Now, it's one year later and Ryback is paired with Paul Heyman instead of Punk and we're looking at what should be a blowoff match to a feud that has gone on far too long at tonight's (Sun., Oct. 27, 2013) Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) in Miami, Florida. Don't expect anything spectacular here and if WWE gives us another smoz finish, well, we'll have gotten what we paid for.

You know, past is prologue.

Either way, find out how everything goes down tonight by following along with the Cageside live blog with complete results by clicking here.

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