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WWE Hell in a Cell match card preview: Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield vs. The Usos

Three teams go toe-to-toe for two championship belts when the newly rehired and crowned champs face The Authority-backed former champs and the nearly forgotten #1 contenders on Sunday, October 27th in Miami.

Tag Team Championship

Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) vs. The Shield vs. The Usos

The WWE Tag Team Championship is up for grabs as two teams look to unseat the Rhodes Bros from their throne.

Tale of the Tape

Rhodes Bros

Accomplishments: Sons of the son of a plumber, Face paint extraordinaire, Former mustache aficionado and beacon of intelligence

How they got here: The Rhodes Bros have been through a crazy couple of month to get to this point. After Cody incurred the wrath of the Authority, the family rallied around him and suffered dearly for it. Eventually the Rhodes Bros overcame to earn their jobs back along with some gold.

The Shield

Accomplishments: Money. Money. Money. Lifetime supply of James Deen Pomade. 2013 Mr. World Paramilitary Runner-up and Second Runner-up. Born Samoan.

How they got here: After preaching of justice for months, the Shield's status as mercenaries was unveiled. The guns for hire have been user the employ of the Authority as their personal bodyguards and attack dogs. The recent success of the Rhodes Bros against the Shield has set a fire under the Authority.

The Usos

Accomplishments: Born Samoan x2

How they got here: The Usos seemed to be out on the back burner as the Rhodes Bros emerged from the unemployment line but came roaring back in a hard fought draw with the Shield to earn a place in the match.

What's at stake?

The soul of the WWE is at sake as the Shield look to reassert the dominance of the Authority on the insurgent sets of brothers.

Will the Rhodes Bro firmly entrench themselves as a wound to the power of the Authority?

Will the Shield prove that's resistance is futile?

Can the Usos make a major move in establishing themselves?

You know where you'll find the answers to those and all of your Hell in a Cell-related questions, right? (Hint: it's the website you're on right now)

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