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Slapstick Saturday: Alberto Del Rio is afraid of heights at Hell in a Cell

Welcome to another edition of "Slapstick Saturday," Cagesiders, where your old pal Hulk Holland pokes fun at every botch, blooper and bomb the world of professional wrestling has ever given us.

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Don't look down!

The WWE Cell was indeed Hell leading up to the pro wrestling organization's annual pay-per-view (PPV) offering in 2012. Not long before the show was set to pop off at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, ring announcer Lillian Garcia was involved in a serious car accident and replaced by Tony Chimel.

During the event, Sin Cara nearly had his head popped off like a dandelion at the hands of Titus O'Neil.

But not everything was doom and gloom, thanks to the opening match of the night, which pitted two former World Heavyweight Champions opposite one another for reasons not important enough to remember. After battling it out against Sheamus for the better part of 2012, Alberto Del Rio had moved on to a layover feud against Randy Orton.

Chemistry? What chemistry?

'Berty decided to head north, but never quite got his bearings on the top turnbuckle. As a wounded Orton staggered to his feet, the Mexican aristocrat established air superiority, launching himself from the highest point in the ring before uncorking a high-impact maneuver we marks like to call "landing on two feet."

See for yourself.

Almost as feeble as his high-flying routine was the half-hearted punch he rattled off upon landing. Still, the botch was worth it, just to hear a befuddled JBL ask incredulously:

"What in the world was that?"

To which Michael Cole replied:

"No idea. Perhaps he's afraid of heights?"

Forget heights, he should be afraid of Vince McMahon, who was undoubtedly losing his shit backstage at the sight of that mega-fail. Then again, Del Rio could have hopped in that fancy car he drove to the ring and got the heck up outta "The Peach State" right quick.

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