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TNA 'Bound for Glory' Preview: Ultimate X

In TNA's signature match, Ultimate X, five men will lay it all on the line in order to walk away with gold.

Ultimate X

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin vs. Manik (c)

Tale of the Tape


Notable Accomplishments: Taken off suicide watch, X Division Champion, Hulk Hogan once touched his shoulder

How he got here: The costume formerly known as Suicide, has been besieged from all sides for his X Division Championship and with Ultimate X he seeks to crush all his opposition at once.

Samoa Joe

Notable Accomplishments: Born Samoan, some five star matches

How he got here: He stated that he was in the match. Weight limits be damned.

Austin Aries

Notable Accomplishment: First man to cash in X Division Championship for a World Championship, avoided severe punishment for sexually harassing Christy Hemme, outstanding facial hair

How he got here: TNA's resident trickster has had Manik in his sight since he was still Suicide and seeks to finalize his campaign.

Jeff Hardy

Notable Accomplishments: Some of the top bumps in pro wrestling history, can make it still look like hi eyes are open when he shuts them

How he got here: Bad drug trip

Chris Sabin

Notable Accomplishments: Dating Velvet Sky, 2nd man to cash in X Division Title for a World Title Shot

How he got here: After being a brief annoyance for Bully Ray, Sabin has realized he needs to get back to his roots but to be dastardly as he does so.

What's at stake?

The X Division championship and a stepping stone to potentially greater things.

Who will survive the dangerous Ultimate X and reassert themselves on the TNA landscape?

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