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Match Times: WWE Battleground 2013 Edition

Here is a break down of the WWE Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) with a detailed look at exactly how much time each match was given. This edition also comes with a bonus Power Outage timer!

WWE's Battleground event lasted 2 hours 52 minutes and 20 seconds (2h 52m 20s). Here is a breakdown of the timing for every single second of the show, in chronological order.

The matches and power outage are in bold. The "pre-match" segments include video packages, entrances, ring introductions, and any verbal promos that occur right before a match officially begins. The "post-match" segments include any celebrations, replays, angles, attacks, or promos that occur right after a match is finished.

  • 0m 20s: WWE's "Then, Now, Forever" opening
  • 2m 58s: Video hyping Battleground
  • 0m 39s: Opening pyro while Cole welcomes us to Battleground
  • 3m 53s: Pre-match for Del Rio vs Van Dam
  • 16m 03s: Del Rio vs Van Dam
  • 2m 06s: Post-match for Del Rio vs Van Dam
  • 1m 34s: Backstage promo from The Real Americans
  • 0m 19s: Cole talks about Buffalo and Niagara Falls
  • 2m 24s: Pre-match for The Real Americans vs Santino and Khali
  • 7m 07s: The Real Americans vs Santino and Khali
  • 1m 16s: Post-match for The Real Americans vs Santino and Khali
  • 1m 22s: Video for Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • 3m 02s: Pre-match for Axel vs Truth
  • 7m 40s: Axel vs Truth
  • 0m 46s: Post-match for Axel vs Truth
  • 1m 00s: Video recap of the pre-show match (Ziggler vs Sandow)
  • 2m 01s: Pre-match for AJ Lee vs Brie Bella
  • 6m 39s: AJ Lee vs Brie Bella
  • 1m 15s: Post-match for AJ Lee vs Brie Bella
  • 9m 15s: Pre-match for The Shield vs Rhodes Brothers (with a 3m 29s video package and a 2m 16s backstage Rhodes Family promo)
  • 13m 55s: The Shield vs Rhodes Brothers
  • 3m 28s: Post-match for The Shield vs Rhodes Brothers (replay, ramp celebration)
  • 0m 31s: Commercial for Hell In A Cell 2013
  • 0m 17s: Post-match for The Shield vs Rhodes Brothers (commentators discuss the match)
  • 1m 40s: Expert Panel Analysis with Matthews, Titus, Tensai, and Miz
  • 1m 05s: Backstage segment with Maddox and Vickie
  • 3m 06s: Pre-match for Wyatt vs Kingston
  • 8m 18s: Wyatt vs Kingston
  • 1m 50s: Post-match for Wyatt vs Kingston (Wyatts attack, Bray Wyatt promo)
  • 0m 53s: Commercial for Triple H DVD
  • 0m 49s: Post-match for Wyatt vs Kingston (replay)
  • 0m 07s: Cole talks about Buffalo
  • 0m 35s: Replay of Cesaro's giant swing on Khali
  • 0m 20s: Plug for PPV theme song
  • 6m 09s: Pre-match for Punk vs Ryback (with a 2m 41s video package)
  • 14m 48s: Punk vs Ryback
  • 1m 38s: Post-match for Punk vs Ryback
  • 0m 31s: Video: Don't Try This At Home
  • 4m 12s: Pre-match for Bryan vs Orton (with a 1m 36s expert panel analysis and a 2m 36s video package)
  • 5m 04s: Power Outage
  • 1m 04s: Cole explains the power outage interruption while Justin Roberts stands in the ring
  • 4m 59s: Pre-match for Bryan vs Orton (entrances and ring introductions)
  • 24m 01s: Bryan vs Orton
  • 1m 21s: Post-match for Bryan vs Orton

The eight matches combined for a total bell-to-bell time of 1h 38m 31s. This means that 57.2% of the show was devoted to in-ring action.

The pre-match segments combined for a total time of 40m 35s, which is 23.5% of the show. This includes the backstage promo from Zeb Colter prior to the tag team match featuring The Real Americans. Elimination Chamber is the only PPV this year with a higher percentage of the show devoted to pre-match segments.

The pre-match segments for the Rhodes Brothers tag team match lasted 9m 15s. This includes the video package, the Rhodes backstage promo, and all the entrances and ring introductions for the match.

The only 2013 non-main event PPV matches with longer pre-match segments include the Elimination Chamber match (16m 03s), Undertaker vs Punk (12m 31s), and Lesnar vs Triple H (10m 57s) from WrestleMania 29. With company like that, it is clear that WWE put a lot of effort into making this under-card tag team match feel important.

The pre-match segments for the main event were directly interrupted by the power outage, which occurred during the airing of a video package. The sum of these divided parts adds up to 9m 11s, and this does not include the power outage. Battleground, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania 29 are the only 2013 PPV events of the year that each had multiple matches with over 9 minute pre-match segments.

The post-match segments combined for a total time of 14m 46s, which is 8.6% of the show. This is the second smallest time in this category for all 2013 PPV events.

The timing of the main event match factored into this calculation. After Big Show interfered and knocked everybody out, no bell ever rang to signify the end of the match. Therefore I had to make a judgment call on where to stop the timing of the match and start the timing of the post-match segment.

The two main candidates for this boundary were when Big Show knocked out Scott Armstrong, or when Big Show's music started to play shortly after knocking out Randy Orton. I ended up choosing the latter option, as Big Show's music is what sent the message that the match was truly over. I did not consider Big Show's knockout of Daniel Bryan as a possible point to end the match timing, as referee Scott Armstrong still came out to make a count after that knockout, thus implying that the match was continuing. WWE really made this choice difficult by failing to ring the bell.

That leaves about 18m 28s (10.7%) of the show for other miscellaneous things. This includes the Susan G. Komen foundation video, the video recap of the Ziggler vs Sandow pre-show match, the commercial for Hell In A Cell 2013, the backstage segment with Vickie and Maddox, the commercial for the Triple H DVD, the first expert panel segment, the replay of Cesaro swinging Khali that aired during the latter half of the show, the plug for the PPV theme song, Don't Try This At Home video, the entire power outage, and Cole explaining the power outage situation while Justin Roberts was standing in the ring.

Those last two pieces took up 6m 08s of the show, which WWE certainly had not planned for. If you wipe that off the books, this show would have featured only 12m 20s of Miscellaneous segments, which would have been by far the shortest time in this category for any 2013 PPV.

The average match time at Battleground was 12m 19s. Here is the sorted list of match times for Battleground. This also includes where each match currently ranks on the list of WWE's Longest PPV Match Times for 2013.

  • 24m 01s: Bryan vs Orton (6th longest out of 65 total PPV matches)
  • 16m 03s: Del Rio vs Van Dam (19th)
  • 14m 48s: Punk vs Ryback (22nd)
  • 13m 55s: The Shield vs Rhodes Brothers (25th)
  • 8m 18s: Wyatt vs Kingston (46th)
  • 7m 40s: Axel vs Truth (51st)
  • 7m 07s: The Real Americans vs Santino and Khali (54th)
  • 6m 39s: AJ Lee vs Brie Bella (59th)

Battleground marks the first PPV of 2013 where R-Truth accumulated any match time. Santino, The Great Khali, and Goldust would also join R-Truth on this list if you exclude the Royal Rumble event.

The time gap between the longest match (Bryan vs Orton) and the second longest match (ADR vs RVD) was 7m 58s.

The time gap between the fourth longest match (Shield vs Rhodes Brothers) and the fifth longest match (Wyatt vs Kingston) was 5m 37s.

Here is the full list of all instances on 2013 PPV events where such a gap of 5m 30s or more existed on the sorted list of match times. To make reading this list easier, here is an interpretation of the second entry: the time gap at the SummerSlam between the 2nd longest match (Punk vs Lesnar) and the 3rd longest match (ADR vs Christian) was 12m 47s.

  • 31m 47s: Royal Rumble, 1st/2nd (Rumble match, Punk vs Rock)
  • 12m 47s: SummerSlam, 2nd/3rd (Punk vs Lesnar, ADR vs Christian)
  • 11m 32s: WrestleMania 29, 3rd/4th (Undertaker vs Punk, Shield 6-man tag)
  • 10m 23s: Elimination Chamber, 1st/2nd (Chamber match, Rock vs Punk)
  • 10m 14s: Money In The Bank, 1st/2nd (WWE Championship MITB, WHC MITB)
  • 7m 58s: Battleground, 1st/2nd (Bryan vs Orton, ADR vs RVD)
  • 7m 33s: Royal Rumble, 3rd/4th (ADR vs Big Show, Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars)
  • 7m 10s: Payback, 2nd/3rd (Cena vs Ryback, ADR vs Ziggler)
  • 7m 08s: Extreme Rules, 2nd/3rd (Lesnar vs Triple H, Orton vs Big Show)
  • 6m 22s: Royal Rumble, 2nd/3rd (Punk vs Rock, ADR vs Big Show)
  • 6m 05s: Elimination Chamber, 2nd/3rd (Rock vs Punk, Shield vs Team Cena)
  • 5m 37s: Battleground, 4th/5th (Rhodes Bros vs Shield, Wyatt vs Kinsgton)

All four matches from the Royal Rumble event appear on this list. Elimination Chamber and Battleground are the only other events that appear multiple times on this list.

Alberto Del Rio appears on the shorter side on 4 of the 12 match pairs listed above.

Night of Champions is the only PPV that fails to make an appearance on this list. The longest timing gap on that show was 3m 39s, which took place between the 4th/5th longest matches on the show (ADR vs RVD, Ambrose vs Ziggler).

The match time percentage of 57.2% for Battleground ranks 4th highest out of the 9 WWE PPV events this year. Outside of the power outage, there was less miscellaneous filler on Battleground than all other WWE PPV events this year. This would normally be the recipe for a strong PPV, however the reception for Battleground has been extremely negative.

It seems that the three biggest reasons for this harsh reaction are the non-finish of the main event, several under-card matches with little backstory (Axel vs Truth, Wyatt vs Kingston, Real Americans vs Santino/Khali), and the top matches largely falling below expectations in terms of match quality, as evidenced by Meltzer's star ratings. Orton vs Bryan received 2.5 stars, Punk vs Ryback received 2 stars, and ADR vs RVD received 2.75 stars.

It's nice to have a high percentage of in-ring action, but Battleground was lacking the quality to go along with that quantity.

Final Results for Battleground

Matches - 57.2% - 1h 38m31s

Pre-match - 23.5% - 40m 35s

Post-match - 8.6% - 14m 46s

Miscellaneous - 10.7% - 18m 28s

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