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Daily Open Thread for Jan. 8, 2013: A Tribute to Crazy Horse

Here's your "Daily Open Thread" for Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013. Come discuss whatever your heart desires.

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse

Here's your Daily Open Thread for Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013. As usual, come discuss whatever you would like if you get bored at work, or just want to chat with all your favorite lovely Cagesiders on any topic you want!

In continuing with the theme of "this date in history":

On January 8, 1877 - Crazy Horse and his warriors fought their last battle at Wolf Mountain, against the United States Cavalry in the Montana Territory. His people then struggled through the winter, weakened by hunger and the long cold. Crazy Horse decided to surrender with his band to protect them, and went to Fort Robinson in Nebraska -- a decision which ultimately led to his tragic and unnecessary death at the hands of the US Military.

As a flautist, I would like to share a song with you today that was always my Dad's favorite request for me to play. Today's song is "Tribute to the War God's Horses" by Douglas Spotted Eagle:

Also, as someone who has always had an empathetic fascination with, and intense fondness for the native american - indigenous peoples (almost marrying one back in 1999, even) I deemed this tragic event in history to be a highly worthy one to post about.

Feel free to let that kick off the discussion today.

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