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On this date in WWE history: Triple H vs Scott Steiner in a bodybuilding posedown

You a bodybuilding mark? Here's something you'll enjoy then, as Triple H and Scott Steiner had themselves a posedown on this date in WWE history. It's ridiculous.

Not long after Scott Steiner made his return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he crashed the "Triple H Appreciation Ceremony" to sign a contract with Raw and challenge Trips to a title match.

Since the "Big Bad Booty Daddy" needed some time to work the kinks out, the WWE help build the program with a series of silly face-offs against "The Game," including a bench-pressing competition, an arm-wrestling challenge and even the tried-and-true posedown.

After all, this is professional wrestling, and the bigger the physique, the bigger the pop, right Vince?

Well, anyway, ol' Trips, being the big mean heel that he was, went and planted a couple of mercenaries in the crowd that he could call on to act as independent judges. Unsurprisingly, they all voted in favor of "The Game," clearly overlooking the power of the peaks.

See for yourself:

This program got killed on the message boards. Anyone out there ready to say they liked it?

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