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Cageside Seats Year-End RECs for 2012: FanPosts

Cageside Features: Our very own Year-End Cageside 'REC' Awards, for "Recognizing Excellence in Contributions from the Cageside Community". Are you a Year-End Award Winner of the Interwebs? Could you be? Let's find out...

2012 was an amazing year for Cageside Seats, and a huge part of that was because of you, Cagesiders. With your hard work and dedication to the site, Cageside is known for some of the best pro wrestling writing on the Interwebs and for THEE Best Community, bar none. So we created the REC's to honor all of your great efforts and contributions.

Now, with 2012 over, we have decided to pick the best FanPosts from the past year. Well, technically the best FanPost since we started the REC's in September. The best part is, since this is all about you, Cagesiders, final choice is up to you!

Read through the twelve best FanPosts we have nominated, and vote for your favorite in the poll below...

Without further ado, we present to you...

The cSs Year End REC Awards:

Recognizing Excellence in Contributing



*To see the full FanPost, simply click on the Bolded Hyperlinked Title of each FanPost to the right of each Cagesider's name...

Cagesider s1rude's weekly S3: Smark's Shoot Standings

Here at the S3, YOU - the Internet Wrestling Community at Cageside Seats - can vote for your "Wrestler of the Week" from among all of the athlete/entertainers who appeared on national TV in the prior week. YOU can vote based on whatever criteria you choose. YOU can explain your vote and try to sway your fellow Cagesiders in the comments, or just weigh in and resume lurking.

Cagesider Kanenite 4 Part review of Chyna's sex tape, (Parts one, two, three, and four).

But then suddenly Vince and Stephanie regain control of the match and Vince bends Chyna over where she is attacked from both ends by the McMahon tag team. Vince repeatedly attacks her from behind while Stephanie is just kind of sitting there holding Chyna's head down towards the general vicinity of the billion-dollar pelvic bone. I guess this is to make sure that Chyna can't break Vince's hold.

Cagesider The Notorious Eddie Mac presented 10 "How TNA of you" moments in TNA history.

[I]f you're the champion of an organization, you owe it to yourself to represent said company to the best of your ability. You know, not like the high and/or drunk Jeff Hardy. He looked all sorts of out of it for his match against Sting. Forget the fact that he was forcibly jobbed out of the title in less than two minutes (and deservedly so) to a fifty-two year old Sting. The fact that TNA sent him out there in that condition was just plain stupid. He had to have been in that state for HOURS. He was a danger to himself and his fellow employees. It was bush league to send Hardy out there like that, especially with all the legal troubles that surrounded him in recent months before the match. And yet, TNA still put the world title on him. How TNA of you.

Cagesider StrongStyle81 channeled the Methtron of TNA


Cagesider The Notorious Eddie Mac presented That Awkward Moment When Bret Hart Got Screwed

While nearly everything in the above paragraph was a simple summary of Hart's final months in the World Wrestling Federation, his final hours were anything but a happy ending. Bret was more or less not only shown the door, he was booted and given the finger on the way out. Bret's tumultuous final months in the WWF concluded with the most famous-or infamous-incident in wrestling history, one talked about to this day fifteen years later: The Montreal Screwjob.

Cagesider Dark Talon pondered over Who Would Be on Your Ultimate Survivor Series Team?

The simple question of "So, fellow Cagesiders, who would be on your ultimate Survivor Series team?" started the CSS Survivor Series Tournament, arguably the best tournament Cageside has held.

Cagesider hfl2012 told us Why The Shield Will Save WWE

When The Shield begins their beatdown, the crowd loudly chants "FEED ME MORE!" hoping to hear Ryback's catchphrase and music hit. If not Ryback, then you have Kane and Daniel Bryan, 2 of the most over people on the roster today. This has nothing to do with John Cena. This has nothing to do with a WWE Title. This is about justice. This is putting the spotlight on 1 veteran WWE wrestler, 2 wrestlers who have been in the WWE for a short time, and 3 wrestlers who have only now just come up.

Cagesider DarkTalon questioned WWE's New "Dick/Heel" Dynamic

Imagine you have never witnessed anything related to pro wrestling before in your life. You tune into the opening segment of last night's (Dec. 10) episode of Monday Night Raw and watch Dolph Ziggler deliver a promo from atop his ladder, only to be interrupted by Sheamus and then Big Show. After watching this segment, imagine if you are then asked to identify who the "bad guy" is in this scenario.

There is a very good chance your answer will be the pale, red-headed "fella" who pushed another guy off of his ladder for no apparent reason.

Cagesider Jerichoholic_21 informed us How the Internet Has Ruined Pro-Wrestling

Even during the Attitude Era, with Austin and his iconic feud with Mr. McMahon, and all the epic moments which happened then. Imagine, if that feud took place now, with everybody knowing how the business works. It is simply not possible to portray an employee assaulting his Boss on network television to secure a spot in the main-event, or a pay-per-view after that. It would be a disaster. Crowds just wouldn't buy into it.

Cagesider StrongStyle81 wrote a Dear WWE Letter

Dear WWE,

Good work with The Shield. The booking with them and Ryback has been smart and solid. Having them dominate at TLC by being a more organized, and better team, really put them over big. They are a true threat to WWE, can actually stand, and are willing and able to fight their own battles. This angle has a lot of potential, please don't screw this up.

Cagesider Flyingtoasterpiledriver penned a new version of "T'was the night..."

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the 'E
Not a catchphrase was spoken, not even "excuse me"
The Titles were hung on a pole by the ring
In spite of the headache, Russo's ideas did bring.
Each wrestler was snug, resting by their locker
Dreaming of titles, and hoping to prosper.

Cagesider liberty_JAC made a Psychological Profile on The Shield

As the soul of The Shield, Ambrose is the metaphorical center of the group. This is reflected in the amount of face time he gets on television (the most), the amount of mic time he gets (also the most), the amount of damage he takes (the most), and also the amount of in-ring time he gets (the most). It is also reflected in their handheld promos - where he is in the center - and their matches.

  • So the choice is up to you, Cagesiders! Vote for the best FanPost of 2012 -- or best FanPost since September 2012, anyway -- below; and may the best FanPost win!
  • Also, please vote in our front page feature poll (bottom left in a black box) on what the awards should be for the Annual REC winners.
  • Be sure to also vote for the winner of the "Year-End REC Award for Comments", appearing at 3pm CST today.

All three polls will be open for you to vote in until midnight CST on this Friday, January, 11th. The winners and awards will be announced next Sunday, Jan. 13th, along with our weekly REC Awards column. Thanks again for participating, Cagesiders, and good luck to the final twelve!

Stipulation: In the event of an extremely close percentage in the poll, or a tie, CSS staff members will determine the final winner/s.


Editors Note: Get Internet Famous! (Even If You're Nobody) You Too Can Win The Interwebs! Remember, you can't win a Cageside REC Award* if you don't play, er um contribute.

*Disclaimer: Winning the Internet - via The Cageside REC Awards in this weekly column guarantees you nothing but Internet notoriety within a small community of pro wrestling smarks. is not responsible for any harm you may or may not do to yourself or others in the event you are unable to handle your newfound Internet fame as a result of winning this award. That is all, stay calm and carry on.


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