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Daily Open Thread for Jan. 5, 2013: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDITION!

Here's your "Daily Open Thread" for Sat., Jan. 5, 2013. Come discuss whatever your heart desires. Oh, and wish June's sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Here's your Daily Open Thread for Sat., Jan. 5, 2013. As usual, come discuss whatever you would like if you get bored at work on the weekend, or if just want to chat with all your favorite lovely Cagesiders... on any topic you want!

On this date in 1965, my father (who claimed to be a visitor from Planet X) created a human-alien hybrid by spawning my big sister.

Any of you Cagesiders know anyone stuck with a Birthday shoved up against a holiday? They get the short end of the birthday stick, ya know? Especially being right behind Christmas and New Year's.

Let me just say, my big sis is a genius, (literally, a member of mensa), she is an adorkable hipster geeky girl and a quirky and funny chick who has five cats, an English Coon Hound mix rescue dog "Snuffleupagus" ('GUS' is basically my canine nephew), and last time I counted she had about 40 fancy show chickens and roosters, countless plants, cacti, tadpoles/frogs, fish, tagged monarchs... you name it, she dabbles in it. She is a biologist, a former professor and a woman I am proud to call my friend, not just my sister.

Happy Birthday Sis!!!


In honor of my sis and her quirky tastes... here are two flavors of songs I think she would enjoy immensely:

Soko - singing "Happy Hippie Birthday" live, from her I Thought I Was An Alien album (get it?)

Plus, to change things up...

The Rapping Chicken Mr. C from Da Coop at Club Sandwich Live! with M.C. Twizzler on box and Grand Master Drumstick smashing out on decks:

Anyway, thanks for your indulgence in letting me give her a shout out. She is actually on the road this weekend and I wish her a safe journey. That is all. Carry on. Converse amongst yourselves. I gotta go chat with the mother ship, the com is beeping. Peace out.

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