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Daily Open Thread for Jan. 4, 2013

Here's your "Daily Open Thread" for Friday, Jan. 4, 2013. Come discuss whatever your heart desires.

Mormons who go from Utah to Uganda in "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway
Mormons who go from Utah to Uganda in "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway

Here's your Daily Open Thread for Friday., Jan. 4, 2013. As usual, come discuss whatever you would like if you get bored at work, or just want to chat with all your favorite lovely Cagesiders... on any topic you want!

In following with the theme of yesterday's remarks about Alaska being admitted as the 49th State on this date in 1959, today Wikipedia claims that Utah was admitted as the 45th State on this date in the year 1896.

There really isn't a whole lot for one to say about Utah, in my opinion. So, since so many of us Cagesiders are fans of Southpark, here is a clip of an interview from ABC News with the creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Why them? Because of their recent (2011) Broadway Musical, The Book of Mormon.

The connection here is that it is a "satirical Broadway show about Mormons who travel from Utah to Uganda" which scored rave reviews from critics, who called it the best musical comedy since The Producers.

Have any of you Cagesiders been to Utah? Lived there? Vacationed there? Seen the Stone/Parker Book of Mormon Broadway Musical? If so, is it better than Orgazmo or Cannibal! The Musical???

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