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Hogan Knows Best: Controversy creates cash 101

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The Internet at large, not just the internet wrestling community (IWC), has been in a feeding frenzy for the past couple of days about Brooke's legs, or at least about her Daddy tweeting about them anyway. If you haven't been aware of the story, we have the details for you, along with what may be a different perspective on it.

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Cool celeb wallpapers
Cool celeb wallpapers

The twitterverse has an ongoing saga trending worldwide involving some TNA stars. No, it is not regarding the saga of the Aces & 8s for a change (and one might think that is a relief). Instead, this is all about the ongoing saga of Hogan family drama.

Not only has the twitter-sphere and the internet wrestling community (IWC) been lit up by the controversy, but the actual mainstream internet as a whole has been having a virtual feeding frenzy as well -- over this latest example of Hogan not knowing best.

There are literally dozens upon dozens of media outlets picking up on this story, including the New York Daily News, US Magazine, The Huffington Post, E! Online, TMZ (no big surprise there), Perez Hilton, YouTube, The Sun,, onenewspage, KSDK News, India Today, The Inquisitr, Crushable, and the IBTimes,

Just in case you are not in the know as to what everyone is talking about, have not been following the headlines, nor glimpsed this story simply due to it's virality (or you just plain don't do the twitter thing), then by all means let's get you up to speed:

Here we have a breakdown for you of all the relevant tweets, in the order in which they each appeared:

1. Brooke sees a picture of her that a fan snapped and uploaded to their instagram. She proceeds to tweet about it in a bit of a humblebrag:

2. Later that same day, Hulk tweets about the image of his little girl and simply labels it, "Brooke's legs":

3. (((Cue the Internet Frenzy and Backlash)))

4. Brooke responds to the internet melee and media blitz the next day with this classy gem, further fueling the fire:

5. Not to be left out of the drama, Brooke's mom, Linda Hogan, then chimes in with her two cents worth on the following day, to be sure to keep fanning the flames:

6. Not to be outdone by Linda, Hulk tries to defend his actions and his daughter later that same day, also helping the story to gain steam:

7. Some of Brooke's supporters offer her kind words via the twittersphere, thereby victimizing her and vilifying the naysayers:

8. As the saga continues and gains steam, Hulk admits regret for the way his tweet was constructed and construed, in an attempt to take the heat while also trying to play the proud papa:

9. Daddy goes on to try to explain things further, hoping to show Hogan Knows Best, or at least he thinks he does:

10. The matriarch of the family takes one last chance to make the intent of it all clear to the twitterverse:

So, there you have the details. There is a lot of psychology and marketing going on there, or so it seems. The back story that you no doubt will recall, is that this isn't the first time Hogan has done some things publicly involving Brooke which make the general public at large think he is a creepy old perv and a poor excuse for a father:

There was the time he was caught rubbing suntan lotion onto her, the time he flashed his genitalia to the camera with his daughter in the room, the time he made unsettling remarks of a sexual nature, and most recently, the time Brooke's wardrobe malfunction prompted her to hide her breasts by leaning over her Father's face, just to name a few.

But let's try to come at this with the innocent until proven guilty approach this country claims to pride itself on instead. First of all, Brooke's own twitter @MizzHogan describes the young woman as a recording artist, songwriter, producer, musician, actress, and television personality. She has been trying to make a name for herself as a celebrity practically for forever, riding the coat tails of her famous father.

With that in mind, an intelligent business woman and her celebrity Dad would likely be advised, or at the least aware, that the more exposure you get in the media, of any kind, the more free publicity you garner, and the more likely you are to then drive a person into stardom by making them a household name. One of the best ways to do that is through controversy, as described in wrestling guru Eric Bischoff's book, Controversy Creates Cash.

That is exactly what they have done here, and one can't help but wonder if maybe Hogan Knows Best actually applies when it comes to helping his daughter find her niche in the business, whatever way he can. Even if it brings being a heel to a whole new level (a man rumored to have an incestuous taboo relationship with his daughter). By doing so, it victimizes his daughter, which has historically been a way for women to appeal to male and female demographics alike, while also sexualizing her and ultimately bringing her to the forefront of pop culture conversations.

Marketing would dictate that this may indeed be what the intent was all along. Daddy Hogan could have opted to not tweet the photo, he could have tweeted it with a vanilla remark. Or, he could have taken pause and thought, "what would get Brooke the most exposure in this situation?", and knowing the business the way only the Hulkster could, he went ahead and did what he did, and it worked. He was then able to feign innocence, which maybe he was, either way, it has panned out well for them in the way of publicity this week.

That is a fact that no one can put up for debate.

Furthermore, the episode in which Brooke had her "unintentional" wardrobe malfunction on TNA Impact Wrestling recently did big numbers in the ratings game. It may be no small coincidence that this latest twitter controversy just happens to be occurring at the same time as a media blitz of articles inferring that Ms. Hogan may finally be doing more in the ring than just being a part of the storyline.

Hypothetically speaking, if a father was famous, had a grown daughter in the spotlight...a daughter who wanted more than anything in this world to be just as famous as he had been...and this dad wanted to give her all her heart desires and make her dreams come true, at any cost, even to his own reputation; would he do it? I suspect that Hogan knows best as to what the answer may be to that question.

What about you though, Cagesiders?

If you have ever once rubbed lotion on your pre-teen daughter's bum, did you ever think of it at the time as anything other than completely innocent? Did you ever take pictures of your little girl naked or bare-bottomed and find it delightful and even throw it into a brag book to show all your friends or slap it up on facebook? If she were wearing a bathing suit, even more so? Have you ever shared pics of your daughter dressed up for prom, or looking amazing for an event, and stated to anyone who would listen just how proud you are at what a lovely lady they turned out to be? Is this really all that much different?

Would those feelings change towards your baby girl a few years later on? How much so? Especially, if you knew the paparazzi were watching, and that rubbing some lotion on her swimsuit clad body could create controversy that would in turn help your daughter attain her dreams; even if making you look bad in the process? Would you share pics of her looking beautiful, fully dressed, be proud to show her off if she were a model, an actress or even in Playboy? Is what Hogan has been doing morally wrong? Or is it good business for his family?

Thoughts? You know what to do, sound off in the comments, we wanna hear from you.