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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Jan. 30): Feed Me Garbage!

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Jan. 30, 2013); featuring United States Champion Antonio Cesaro going one-on-one with Ryback, and Tensai taking on Titus O'Neil. Find out all the results and reactions, here!

WWE Main Event returned last night (Jan. 30) with a repeat match between Antonio Cesaro and Ryback. Additionally, Tensai took on "The Big Deal" Titus O'Neil.

It was...a less then exciting show.

Click here for full results and the live blog from the show if you missed it.

To the reactions!

  • Main Event was supposed to be the start of the "Intercontinental Cup." No one is really sure what that was going to be, and now we won't have to worry about it at all. For reasons unknown, WWE has cancelled the whole shebang. The prevailing theory on the matter is that the powers that be want to continue Wade Barrett's feud with NXT star Bo Dallas. Because that would be impossible to do with a tournament. Yes, it would make NO sense for a newcomer to go barreling through a tournament, finally defeating the reigning champion. No, no, we can NOT have that. Let's just job out Barrett to every John, Dick, and Harold, so that when Bo finally wins, it will look utterly meaningless. That is a much better idea.
  • Seriously. Shame on WWE.
  • What we did get was Antonio Cesaro going mano a mano against Ryback. Remember last week (Jan. 23) when Cesaro ran away from the ring so he wouldn't eat a Shellshock? Well, that exact thing happened last night, except Ryback chased him down and dragged him back to the ring. Then Cesaro rolled out the other side, delivered a boot to The Miz's face, and took off through the audience. Because, well, fans might have missed the subtlety of a cowardly heel the first time around. The match wasn't bad, but this isn't a five-star affair worth repeating scantly a week later. If Cesaro is going to drop the strap to The Miz, then just have him do it already. If he's not, then get him into an actual angle. This waffling is the worst possible thing for everyone involved.
  • However, seeing Miz eat Cesaro's foot almost made the whole thing worth it. Almost.
  • The show also featured Tensai going over Titus O'Neil in a match that had no right being half as entertaining as it was. I'm not saying the match was good, mind you, but entertaining nevertheless. Watching Titus toss Tensai around was damn impressive. Tensai ended up getting a few cheers during his comeback, and him mocking Titus with the dog barking was well done. Again, a somewhat entertaining match between two big men.
  • The major story coming out of the match was the apparent teaming of Tensai and Brodus Clay. Clay would make his way down to the ring when it looked like Titus and Darren Young would start a double team on Tensai, and would stay at ringside to offer his new friend support. When Tensai finally got the pinfall, we got to witness a fun dance party with Tensai, Clay, and the Funkadactyls. Oh, it 'twas a gay time!
  • In all seriousness -- which is hard to do when talking about this potential pairing -- it's a guilty pleasure of mine whenever we get to see "Creative has nothing for you" at work. There's so much unnecessary crap thrown in that it gets forgotten fans actually want to be entertained. Stop over thinking things, get out of the talent's way, and let the people enjoy the show. Is Tensai and Brodus Clay teaming up absolutely idiotic? Of course it is. But you let them have fun, get over, and start to pull back the comedy if, or when, they are in the title hunt. In the meantime, let the guys have some fun.
  • I missed this week's Monday Night Raw (Jan. 28), so I was actually looking forward to the video recaps to catch up on what I missed. That being said, there was no freaking need to replay Paul Heyman's personal performance review with Vince McMahon twice in the span of an hour. I have accepted that it is inevitable that we get recaps on Raw and SmackDown. But Main Event is only an hour long. Recaps are just eating up time that could have been spent on much better things. Like...anything, really.

All told, this was really just a pathetic outing from Main Event this week. Maybe it was because I had my hopes set up for an Intercontinental Cup. Perhaps I'm just growing tired of Cesaro's non-direction. Or it could just be I see no need to waste the audience's time with pointless replays. Main Event has been my safe haven for WWE bullcrap. Now I am starting to fear the worst. A Creative swerve, a repeat match, and a slightly amusing comedy bit that would have been better left on SmackDown, do not a good show make.

Grade: D

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is the old C. J. being too harsh on last night's episode? Or, do you agree with my disappointment? Let me know why I might be wrong -- or might be right -- in the comments below.

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