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WWE cancels Intercontinental Cup on Main Event because reasons

It seems WWE has cancelled its planned Intercontinental Cup on its Main Event show on Ion but no one is really sure why.


So about that Intercontinental Cup WWE recently announced and allowed you to briefly get just a tad bit excited about? Yeah, it's been cancelled for reasons no one is quite clear of.

The best part? WWE had the Intercontinental Champion himself, Wade Barrett, reveal as much on Twitter.

Social media, always the first consideration these days.

Spoilers for the episode of Main Event set to air later tonight (check out the results and live blog here) reveal that the Intercontinental Cup has, in fact, been put on the backburner. The natural assumption is that the powers that be decided Barrett can continue on with his program with Bo Dallas, who was called up from NXT and made a big splash by eliminating Barrett in the Royal Rumble match.

Hey, anything to get a new guy over.

You Cagesiders okay with these new developments or would you have rather watched the Intercontinental Cup?