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Report: El Generico heading to NXT next month

According to reports, El Generico has cleared all of his medical evaluations and will be heading to WWE's 'NXT' developmental division in the next month to learn the ropes on the WWE style.

According to the good folks over at PWInsider, El Generico has passed all of his medical evaluations for WWE and will be reporting to its NXT developmental division in the next month.

A long-time staple of indie promotions CHIKARA, PWG, and ROH; El Generico's signing by WWE was a major coup for the promotion. The loss of El Generico is a major blow to indie promoters, but a major gain for fans who will get the chance to see him excel at the biggest stage of them all.

Stay tuned to Cageside Seats coverage of NXT for the eventual debut of El Generico on WWE programming.

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