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Video: Antonio Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Great Khali on WWE Main Event

We wondered if Antonio Cesaro would be able to pull it off. We wondered if he could hit the Neutralizer on Great Khali. Well, he did. He actually did it. Video proof right here.

There really aren't many moments in pro wrestling anymore that make you say "holy shit" while watching in the comfort of your own home. Antonio Cesaro managed to pull that off, though, when he hit Great Khali with the Neutralizer in their United States championship match on Main Event.

Watch that video above. It's glorious. (Skip to 0:30 to see it.)

Perhaps just as good as Cesaro's move is the ensuing reaction from Natalya and Hornswoggle ringside after the pinfall is counted.


Just a big win all around.

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