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On this date in WWF history: Rest in peace, Andre The Giant

The pro wrestling world lost one of its brightest stars on this date in history, as Andre the Giant passed away in his sleep. Rest in peace, big man.

On January 27, 1993, pro wrestling fans around the world said goodbye to André René Roussimoff, who passed away in his sleep due to congestive heart failure after a lifelong struggle with acromegaly.

In short, his body never stopped growing.

"Andre the Giant," who would find his greatest success as part of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), would be one of very few stars from his era to find mainstream crossover appeal, appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show, television shows The Six-Million Dollar Man, B.J. and the Bear, The Greatest American Hero, and of course, the role of "Fezzik" in the1987 cult classic The Princess Bride.

He was also featured as "The Giant Among Us" in the December 21, 1981, issue of Sports Illustrated, which is a fascinating read. See it here.

But I, along with many WWF fans, will best remember him as the foil who gave Hulk Hogan purpose, selling over 90,000 seats as part of one of the best good guy/bad guy programs of all time.

More on Andre the Giant in his Larger than Life documentary:

How about it Cagesiders, greatest big man to ever lace up the boots?

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