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On this date in WWF history: Dan Marsh becomes 'Dangerous' Danny Davis

Brad Maddox who? Let's revisit Dan Marsh going from a bad referee to a heel wrestler, transforming from Dan Marsh to "Dangerous" Danny Davis on this date in WWF history.

Long before the Hebner twins would pull off one of the worst (kayfabe) screwjobs in the history of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Dan Marsh, also known as WWF referee Danny Davis, would get to exploit the always-hot topic of bad officiating in a long-term program that saw him go from referee, to bad referee, to eventually, heel wrestler.

He would become "Dangerous" Danny Davis.

The jump off point for his transformation came at a WWF television taping on January 26, 1987, when he abused his powers to help the Hart Foundation screw defeat the British Bulldogs for the WWF tag team titles.

Following the bout, a fed-up WWF President Jack Tunney stripped Davis of his officiating license, which prompted Jimmy Hart to add the "Dangerous" one as the newest member of the Hart Foundation.

See Davis stick it to the Bulldogs:

Davis would go on to wrestle with the Hart Foundation in a match against Tito Santana and the British Bulldogs at WrestleMania III. His "Dangerous" shtick would eventually run its course and he returned to officiating where he would remain until leaving the WWF in 1995.

Was there a better man to boo in the late 1980's?

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