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Rumor Round Up: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania 29, more!

In pro wrestling, the rumors flow more freely than legitimate news. This comes with the territory and makes reporting on the industry exceedingly difficult. With that in mind, let's round up the latest rumors.

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Rumors float and pro wrestling fans like yourself typically find them interesting, so instead of asking you to click into a thousand different posts with two lines and calling it a story, we're just going to pass along all the latest rumors in this here column we're simply calling the "Rumor Round-Up."

Remember: None of this is confirmed as legitimate news or fact, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Let's get to 'em:

  • It's still extremely possible CM Punk beats The Rock at Royal Rumble before losing the belt at Elimination Chamber. The idea originally was Rock could do a lot of promoting for WWE by carrying the world title with him on press tours for other things he's done but that's up in the air. Imagine Rock on Leno with the belt, though.
  • No one knows what the hell is going on with Ric Flair. He was supposed to work both Raw and SmackDown this week but he didn't end up showing up to either. The feeling is he may not even be signing a contract with WWE, at least not for the time being, due to outside endeavors.
  • The Rumble will feature 90 seconds in between entrances this year and 70 minutes have been set aside for it. That's free flowing, though, and usually changes as needed.
  • John Morrison could be returning at the Rumble, as he's cleared up dates around that time.
  • The only reason Bob Backlund is in the Hall of Fame this year is because WWE, and more specifically Triple H, is waving the white flag on trying to convince Bruno Sammartino to come in. It's just not going to happen, not this year and maybe not until Vince McMahon dies. Maybe not even after that.
  • Rey Mysterio hasn't been on TV because he's scheduled as a "surprise" entrant in the Rumble match.
  • There's been talk of doing Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania, possibly for the world heavyweight championship. There's even been a few whispers of having Ziggler lose that match only to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase immediately after, giving the match an added feel of unpredictability and raising its stock against the other big matches that will be booked for the card.
  • Speaking of Del Rio, his big push was apparently done when it was because of Cain Velasquez winning the UFC heavyweight championship and the show he won it on doing really well on PPV. That just sounds ridiculously stupid.
  • If Brock Lesnar signs the new deal WWE offered him, it would likely mean working with CM Punk and Randy Orton over the next year after WrestleMania 29.
  • The Wes Briscoe Aces and 8s reveal will be happening sooner rather than later.

That's it for this week. Free free to pass along anything else you may have heard in the comments section below and discuss away. Just remember, these are just rumors. Have fun with them.

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