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WWE Main Event results and video playlist for Jan. 23: Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

In case you missed any of WWE "Main Event" on Jan. 23, 2012, here's a playlist of the entire show, as released by WWE, featuring Ryback taking on Antonio Cesaro.

In case you missed any of last night's (Jan. 23, 2013) episode of Main Event, here are all the videos WWE has made available legally on its YouTube channel in one handy-dandy playlist.

Here it is, in order, if you'd like to skip ahead:

- Ryback interview
- Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro
- The Usos vs. The Rhodes Scholars

There are only three videos this week and they're both short but we're sharing them anyway, damn it. Ryback does an interview with Matt Striker that is quite possibly the best thing he's done since his return from injury and big push. His match with Cesaro was nothing special, though.

The good news is the Usos and Rhodes Scholars were highly entertaining with the time they were given.


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