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On this date in WCW history: Lex Luger and Sting win the tag titles from Harlem Heat on Nitro

Lex Luger and Sting won the WCW tag team championships through less than honest means on this date in WCW history, pinning Harlem Heat on Monday Nitro.

There was a short period of time in 1996 when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had yet to show up and the New World Order (nWo) had yet to be established. At that time, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was a fairly run of the mill pro wrestling promotion.

Nothing too special, nothing too awful. About the same as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) but without anyone as talented as Shawn Michaels.

During the early parts of 1996, Lex Luger was busy being a heel who still ran with his forever babyface brother, Sting. And they had a match booked on this date in history (Jan. 22) that year against Harlem Heat for the tag team championships on Monday Nitro.

They won the straps, of course, but it's how they did it that always gets me.

Towards the end of the match, Jimmy Hart comes rushing down to the ring and suddenly jumps up on the apron to hand off something to Luger. The referee in the match is a bumbling idiot who doesn't notice or care about this in the slightest. Luger manages to get the tag from Sting and comes in to blast Booker T in the head while he still has whatever Hart gave him clutched in his hand.

After nailing Booker, he drops what he had, which turns out to be a roll of silver dollars, as Bobby Heenan so emphatically explains on commentary. Again, the referee doesn't notice or doesn't care and counts the pinfall. Luger celebrates like he just cured cancer and jumps to the outside to share in the joy with Sting, who has zero clue what the fuck just happened.

Ah, WCW.

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