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On this date in WCW history: Randy Savage returns to Nitro -- and Sting is waiting for him

One of the better angles WCW ever ran involved Sting as "The Crow." And one of his better stories was when he tested WCW wrestlers loyalty, starting with Randy Savage on this date in history.

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) did a lot of things wrong during its run in the mid-to-late nineties, but it also did a lot of things right.

Chief among them was its development of the Sting character, whose "Crow" gimmick was a smash hit with pro wrestling fans, thanks largely in part to his dramatic entrances, like the one he executed to welcome Randy Savage back to Monday Nitro on January 20, 1997.

The "Macho Man" was off television after getting his ass handed to him at Halloween Havoc, returning shortly after the new year and demanding an explanation as to why he was "black-balled" from somebody that's "got some major stroke."

In fact, he refuses to budge from the center of the ring, setting up a folding chair and holding the WCW broadcast hostage. Chavo Guerrero and Maxx come out to have their match but Oh, yeah! ol' Randy isn't going anywhere.

At least, not until Stinger arrives.

See his dramatic entrance, along with Savage's "Occupy Nitro" movement, after the jump.

This one still gets a pop from me Cagesiders, how about you?

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