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On this date in WWF history: TYSON AND AUSTIN! TYSON AND AUSTIN!

One of the most infamous confrontations to ever take place on Monday Night Raw occurred on this date in WWF history when Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin nearly brawled.

During Monday Night Raw's 20 years on cable television, there have been many memorable moments, most of which came during the Attitude Era in the late 1990s. This particular moment on this particular date in history (Jan. 19, 1998) was no different.

I'm talking about the infamous and epic confrontation between "Iron" Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It was one night after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV), where Austin won the match of the same name to earn a WWF championship match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14 just a few months later. Tyson was a guest at the Rumble event and was back the next night for what WWF Owner Vince McMahon was calling a major announcement.

But before he got the chance to make said major announcement, the glass broke and out came "The Texas Rattlesnake" to raise hell like he was always doing back then. Sure enough, he cut a big promo on "The Baddest Man on the Planet" that led to a shoving match a near brawl in the ring, with about 50 different people holding both guys back.

McMahon, so distraught that his big announcement was ruined by the man who was number one contender to his world title, started screaming, "You ruined it, damn it" while kicking at Austin's head. The entire thing was executed unbelievably well and with Jim Ross on the call, it was a moment to be remembered forever.

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