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WWE Main Event results and live blog for Jan. 16: Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 16, 2013) episode of WWE Main Event, featuring Antonio Cesaro taking on Randy Orton.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 16, 2013) at 8 p.m. ET on Ion Television featuring current United States Champion Antonio Cesaro taking on Randy Orton.

After Orton jobbed to Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett on Monday Night Raw, one might think he would be willing to do the same for the U.S. titleholder.

We shall see.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



C.J. here for some Wednesday night fun.

Broadcast is live with Michael Cole and The Miz at ringside.


Randy Orton making his way to the ring. It looks like we're going to get right into the action.

Cole speaking about The Shield's run ins during Orton's matches. Foreshadowing perhaps?


Video package of Cesaro, The Miz, and Ric Flair's interaction on Monday Night Raw.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton

Bell rings, and away we go!

Both men circling, getting a feel of each other. They clinch up and go to the ground. A lot of feeling each other out, trying to get position. Orton is getting frustrated about not being able to get control.

Cesaro manages to push Orton into the corner. He lands a few jabs before the ref pulls him off. He runs the ropes, but Orton is able to counter and take him to the mat. A little ground and pound follows.

Orton with the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at one.

Both men get to their feet. Cesaro is able to take control with a shoulder block.

Orton rolls out of the ring to take a breather, but Cesaro is quick to follow. He sends Orton into the barricade repeatedly. The ref reaches seven before Cesaro sends Orton back in. He goes for the cover, but only gets two.

Orton is able to take control by throwing Cesaro over the top rope. Now it's "The Viper's" turn to send the United States Champion into the barricade.

Back into the ring we go, but Cesaro rolls out before he can be pinned. Orton follows, but Cesaro counters with a wicked uppercut. We go to commercial with Cesaro firmly in control.

We come back with the action in the ring. Orton has the advantage, but Cesaro is quickly able to turn it around with a gutwrench suplex.

Cesaro using the ropes to deal out punishment. Up to the top rope he goes, but Orton is able to make it to his feet. He lands a few blows before climbing up. He's setting up for the superplex.

A headbutt from Cesaro puts Orton on his back. Cesaro hits the flying axehandle, getting some great hight.

Apparently, he is stealing moves from The Miz. Miz does not like it, but let's face it; Cesaro does it better.

Cesaro gets a two count.

Orton trying to fight back, but a body slam ends that quickly. Another pinfall, another two count.

Cesaro has Orton locked up with a Cobra clutch. Orton is able to break free with a few punches to the dome, though, and hits a dropkick. He moves Cesaro to the corner. He is trying to set up the superplex. He is in position.

And down goes Cesaro! Only good for two, though.

We come back from commercial with both men exchanging punches. Orton is able to gain control. He runs the ropes, but Cesaro counters with a sleeper hold. Orton struggling to break free.

He suddenly hits a side sleeper! Both men down in the ring.

Cesaro with an uppercut! And another! And another! And two more!

And Irish Whip into the opposing corner and Cesaro follows.

But Orton with a sudden surge of energy! Into "Vintage Orton" we go!

Cesaro is able to counter before the second rope DDT.

Orton running the ropes...

And Cesaro puts Orton on his back! He goes for the pin...

Orton kicks out after a long two count.

Cesaro goes to the top rope as Orton slowly gets up. Cesaro goes for the double axehandle again.

But Orton hits a beautiful dropkick! Only good for two.

Orton tries to set up for the second rope DDT, but Cesaro struggling. A head slam to the ring post puts an end to that. Orton hits the DDT. Cesaro is down. Looks like Orton will be going to that special place.


They are about to enter the ring, but The Miz goes flying in to save the day. It looks like this might be enough to turn The Shield back. All three jump off the apron and start to turn away...

NOPE! Into the ring they go! Both Orton and The Miz get to eat a patented Shield beat down. The trio make their way back into the crowd.

Cesaro makes his way back into the ring. He has a dastardly smile on his face as he looks on at Miz.

Up he goes, and Miz gets to eat a Neutralizer for his troubles.

Cesaro calls for his belt and flag. He strikes the Captain Morgan pose with the flag planted in the ring and his foot on Miz's chest.

This man knows how to be Champion.


Raw Rebound of The Rock and CM Punk's confrontation on Monday (Jan. 14)



The Prime Time Players coming down for their tag team match, which is NEXT!

Cole informs us that The Miz is unable to continue his commentary duties. It looks like we'll have a one man booth going forward.

NOT SO FAST! The lovely Brad Maddox jumps over the barricade to join Cole. Now this is a commentary team I can get behind!


The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

O'Neil and...I think it's Jay starting things out.

Maddox: "A real slobberknocker is going on right now!

Cole: "You can't just steal other people's catchphrases."

Maddox: "You know what? If a slobberknocker is slobberknocking, I'm going to call it as such."

More of this, please.

O'Neil with control early, but Jay -- I think -- is able to turn it around.

Maddox: "This is some great action, but we need to take a commercial break!"

Cole: "...we're not going to commercial"

Maddox: "AND welcome back to WWE's Main Event!"

There's some action going on in the ring. Jay -- although there might have been a tag -- sends O'Neil out of the ring.

Sorry folks, but Maddox is too great at commentary to pay attention to what is going on.

We actually go to commercial with O'Neil and Young outside the ring and The Usos dancing in it.

We come back with Young and O'Neil stomping Jimmy -- I'm 90% certain it's Jimmy -- in the corner. Jimmy is able to push O'Neil across the ring, though, and gets to his corner to make the tag.

Apparently, Maddox is tweeting at the commentary desk. Annoying when Cole does it. Great when Maddox does it.

Young is in control of Jay -- not sure if it's Jay -- and hits a nasty suplex. Only good for a two count. He tags O'Neil, who picks him up and slams him down onto Jay.

Maddox: "Do you have direct deposit or how does that work?"

A tag back to Young, who continues the beat down. Jay is able to send Young through the ropes, and follows it up with a drop kick to O'Neil.

Jay crawls to his corner and makes the hot tag. A stink face to Young and Jimmy -- that's gotta be Jimmy -- goes for the pin. O'Neil dives inside to break it up. Jay comes running in to remove O'Neil from the ring. Jimmy throws Young into the ropes, and follows it up with a nasty superkick.

Both the Usos to the top rope.

Maddox: "The World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles are on the line!"

Cole: " they're not"

Maddox: "No they're not!"

One hits the crossbody on O'Neil outside of the ring, and the second lands on Young inside. That gets the three count and the victory.

Maddox thanks us for watching and leaves the booth. Cole tries to inform him that the show has a minute left, but it's too late.

He's gone.

And my heart feels a bit empty.

Fade to black on The Usos celebration.


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