WWE Fantasy League! (you in? or just scared?)

At another wrestling forum -- not nearly as cool or fun or awesome or sexy as this one -- I have the pleasure of running a fantasy league.

It works exactly like fantasy football (or baseball, association football, hockey, take your pick): every week you pick a certain number of wrestlers, and those wrestlers earn points based on their performances.

In fantasy football, a player earns points for you by catching the ball, throwing a touchdown, gaining 10 yards on the ground, making a field goal, and so on. At the end of the "game week", the points of all your players are added up and then compared unfavorably to the points of your opponent, who got really lucky that his usually-inept D/ST happened to record two pick sixes and a punt return touchdown, and so you lost in epic fashion because life is unfair, people die, and there are no happy endings.

In fantasy wrestling -- where you can expect similar dissatisfaction -- a wrestler earns points by being in matches, cutting a promo, winning a match, hitting his finisher, etc.

Normally, in the league I run at "The Other UnCool Forum", one dude faces another dude during the "game week", much like fantasy football; and so there are winners and losers. Your wrestlers earn points, and so do your opponent's, and the totals are compared at the end of the week to see who wins.

The more you win, the more you move up the "card", and I book you in title matches and what not. Or I bury you because that's how I roll and you can't stop me!

However, that league at "The Other UnCool Forum" only has about 10 to 15 people who ever make picks, so it's easy for me to "book" matches on a weekly basis and run the fed that way. And we have Tag Team Titties Titles!! ahem, T I T L E S, a World Title, a TV Title, and a nonsense Hardcore Title - i.e., plenty of hardware/accolades to go around.

Here at cSs, I imagine about 20+ will play consistently, if not more, and so I think it'd be more fun to run things differently. Instead of having matches every week, your opponent is every single other participant who makes picks; and we total your points up over the course of several weeks and whoever accumulates the most out of the lot of 'ya "Wins the Interwebz!"

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How It Works

I would like to pursue a format similar to what the old Official WWE Fantasy League used to do.

By starting next week (January 21) to WrestleMania week (April 7), we get a total of 12 weeks. 12 weeks is conveniently about 1/4 of the calendar year, so we'll call it a "season." After WrestleMania week, the season ends and a new one begins for the next 13 to 14 or so weeks (whenever we hit a PPV around that time).

Every week, for the next 12 weeks leading and up to 'Mania, participating players (you guys, of course!) make picks in a FanPost like this that I will put up.

Your picks earn points by doing what WWE Superstars do best: unnecessarily bully heels, make gay jokes, squash their opponents, and win titles.

At the end of the week, the point totals of your "picks" are summed up, and then we move on to the next week. The process repeats itself until the end of the "season", where every relevant week is added up to give you a "Grand Score", which will be used to determine the winner of that season.

I also need help coming up with titles for the champions. This season is Spring, so the winner of 'Mania season should, in my opinion, be called, "The Spring Queen" The Summer season is next, so perhaps (let's assume I win that one), we'll crown the winner, "The Summer of liberty_JAC". Fall is after that, and then Winter; and I'm not clever enough to come up with more nicknames for those two - but we'll work on it.

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The Rules

The Rules are pretty simple. Each week, you pick 8 wrestlers, like so:

  1. The GOAT, William Regal
  2. Daniel Bryan
  3. Kane
  4. Cesaro
  5. Ambrose
  6. CM Punk
  7. Del Rio
  8. Big Show

Picks are due Monday, before RAW begins taping. Your picks then earn points on RAW and SD!, as well as Main Event, as follows:

  • RAW, SD!, Main Event
  • +1 - Appearance*
  • +4 - Match
  • +2 - Finisher Executed
  • +2 - Finisher Leads Directly to Win**
  • +3 - Victory
  • +2 - Victory via DQ
  • - 1 - Defeat

Example: Daniel Bryan is having a match but, just as he gets his opponent in the NoLock, The Shield appear and beat him up. Kane comes out for the save and, in the process, nails two of the suckers with Chokeslams. His music blares as The Shield scramble away.

Kane earns +1 point for appearing, and +4 for executing his finisher twice, giving him 5 points.

Bryan gets +1 for appearing, +4 for a match, +2 for executing his finisher, and +2 for Victory via DQ because of the outside interference, giving him 9 points.

All the other wrestlers earn/lose points in similar fashion, and then the totals are added together to produce a score for the week.

When the WWE holds PPVs, your picks will be due Sunday before the PPV begins, as opposed to Monday before RAW begins. During PPV weeks, your picks earn points on the PPV first, and then those same picks carry over into the week proper: earning points on RAW, SD!, and Main Event.

PPV Scoring works like this:

  • PPV
  • +2 - Appearance*
  • +6 - Match
  • +3 - Finisher Executed
  • +3 - Finisher Leads Directly to Win**
  • +5 - Victory
  • +3 - Victory via DQ
  • - 2 - Defeat

Then, for every show, title matches work as follows:

  • +6 - Win a Title Match***
  • - 4 - Lose a Title Match****

If you have any ideas on other ways wrestlers should be able to earn points, please suggest them in this thread so we can discuss it before hopefully beginning next week.

Here are some footnotes on the rules above:

* Appearance points are earned when one of your picks appears in front of the audience live. This means that flashbacks to prior events, highlight clips, etc., do not count.

Your picks receive Appearance points for every separate appearance they have during a show, so if they appear once to cut a promo, and then later on to wrestle in a match, they earn two separate Appearance Points (which means 4 points on a PPV).

If a commercial break splits an appearance in two (let's say during a match) that does not count as two separate appearances - we score as if we were in the arena watching the show, which means your wrestler was in one consistent appearance.

** Finisher Leads Directly to Win points (FLDW) are earned by having your pick's finisher lead directly to a win for your pick. Directly means that no other moves are executed on the pinned wrestler after your pick's finisher is executed.

For Example, if Orton is in a triple threat match, and he hits Edge with the RKO, but then Ziggler throws Orton out of the ring and pins Edge, Ziggler does not get FLDW points. Orton does not either, even though his finisher led to a win, since he did not win the match himself.

*** Title Match Victory points are assessed on top of all other victory points. So if you win a title match on a PPV, you get 5 points for winning the match, and another 6 for winning a match that involves a title. The points, however, are only awarded if specific criteria is met:

If your pick is the champion, he/she must successfully defend via pinfall, submission, or countout - i.e., purposefully walking out of the arena, losing the title match by countout, but retaining the title, does not earn your wrestler points. In fact, he/she loses point(s) for losing the match. Same goes for purposeful self-disqualification, or disqualification due to outside interference.

If your pick is the challenger, he/she must successfully become the new champion.

**** Title Match Loss penalties are given in lieu of regular Defeat penalties. So if your pick loses the title on SD!, he/she does not lose -1 point for a "Defeat" on SD!; instead, he/she loses - 4 for losing the title, and that's it.

In other words, Title Victory points are cumulative with other Victory points, while Title Loss penalties are not added on top of regular Defeat penalties - only one of them is given.

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So. You In?

There is no "official sign up". I am using this thread to get the idea out to y'all and see how much interest there is to do this. So please post in here saying what you think and whether you are down to play or not. You should also post any questions you have, and I will do my best to not answer them.

If it ends up that enough people are interested, then I will make a FanPost for it next week and you "sign up" by simply posting your picks.

There are no obligations, of course. You can skip Week 1 and then start posting from Week 2 on. You can skip the first four Weeks, post in Week 5 and 6, forget for another month, and then post in Week 11 and 12 again. Whatever you want.

Obviously, it will be near-impossible to become "The Spring Queen!" that way - but you snooze, you lose!

The poll below is just for fun because I am philosophically opposed to polling of any kind; which is why I believe Presidents should be elected via a drawing of straws, or triathalons.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.