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WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions for this morning (Jan. 12): Orton v Sandow edition

Randy Orton makes his "Saturday Morning Slam" in-ring debut against the intellectual savior of the masses: Mister Damien Sandow.

WWE superstar Randy Orton
WWE superstar Randy Orton
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WWE Saturday Morning Slam took a break from it's traditional two match format, just to bring us a single match between Randy Orton and the intellectual savior of the masses: Mister Damien Sandow. Here at CSS, June is taking a break from this week's post, just so you can have me, Rex, at the helm.

Let's dive right on in to the results and reactions from this odd edition of Saturday Morning Slam:

  • We kick things off today with a recap of Orton interrupting Damien Sandow on last week's episode ofSaturday Morning Slam.
  • Damien Sandow is making his way to the ring, but asks for his music to be cut off so he can cut a quick promo about how he is looking to help everyone. The fans will not be silent, so he simply states, "You are all embarrassing yourselves" before he finishes making his way down to the ring.
  • Randy Orton comes out to a great reaction from all of the kids out in the audience. He seems to be more over with the kids than even Cena.
  • The early goings in the match were pretty slow, as Orton and Sandow traded slams and poses. Sandow is a lot more funny and at ease out there. Orton looked really uncomfortable in the ring today.
  • Once the match picked up, it turned into a pretty good affair. Orton and Sandow have really good chemistry in the ring but the match was killed by Saturday Morning Slam's policy on no offense to the head or neck. Instead of telling Orton to avoid any moves like that (pretty much most of his offense), they kept cutting away to Mathews and Booker T on commentary.
  • Orton won the match with an RKO (they cut away from it) and did his posing routine in the ring while the kids went absolutely nuts for him.
  • After the match, we got a quick little video promo for Sheamus, who will be in action next week on Saturday Morning Slam.

Saturday Morning Slam gets a "B" from me this week. This show could have easily been an "A" show but the amount of times they had to cut to the commentary team was really annoying. They really should not have had Orton on the show if he wasn't going to change up his offense.

How did you grade the show today Cagesiders? What did you think of today's format? Was Orton off today, or is it just me? Sound off in the comments, let us know what you thought.

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