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Cageside Seats Sections Guide: 2013 Edition

Our ongoing site improvements continue here at Cageside Seats, so we're here with an updated guide to all you ever wanted to know about CSS Sections. An uber-list! Bullet points! Details up the wazoo! Hyperlinks galore!

Along with the rest of SBNation,, underwent some extreme changes in site design since last summer, 2012. Among those changes, was an overhaul to the internal sections of our site... the stuff beyond the front page.

The result? Some cool areas Cagesiders can delve into to explore more about Pro Wrestling and a morsel of MMA too. Our front page has what we refer to as a "customizable cover", with a "reverse chronological order river of content" directly beneath it. Above that cover is a navigation bar of dropdown menus, which have been works in progress, and will continue to be fine-tuned. We unveiled a few of them to you last fall, and now we would like to do so again.

If you haven't explored them yet, this post will be your guide to CSS SECTIONS. Here is an image of the 2013 dropdown menu for Sections on CSS:


Beyond the Front Page, the site map consists of various Sections and Subsections, which are basically content-specific mini-websites tucked within the primary website. These sections each have their own unique customizable cover, layout and river on their front pages and have also been set up with specific filtered content on a variety of topics, which you may enjoy reading more than others.

We hope you can each discover your own favorite Sections, which you'll find worthy of bookmarking and frequenting every day, in addition to the front page of course. Here is an image of our CSS Features Section which contains all the regular columns you have come to know and love from your CSS Staff Members as well as the occasional Promoted FanPost:


When you click on the Sections dropdown menu on the nav bar above the cover on each page, five popular sections will rotate through this dropdown menu, but there will always be an 'All Sections' link for you to browse every single one of our over thirty sections. To help you navigate to the filtered content in our sections, we also have a "breadcrumb trail" of links posted at the top of each article in rectangular boxes (which are black for sections and grey for subsections). The links look like this:


Say you are reading this week's Wrestler Wrankings™, and want to find the Wrankings for Week 15, just click the "CSS Features: Wrestler Wrankings" box and browse every Wrankings post ever made. To get you started, here is an updated list of all current CSS sections and subsections:

WWE: Anything referencing WWE/WWF/WCW. The subsections housed within WWE currently include:

  • WWE Main Event
  • WWE Raw: This also houses the subsection for the Raw Live Blogs
  • WWE Saturday Morning Slam
  • WWE SmackDown: This also houses the subsection for the SmackDown Live Blogs
  • WWE Superstars
  • TNA Impact Wrestling: This also houses the subsection for the Impact Live Blogs

    CSS Indie Corner: This also houses the subsection for CHIKARA and one for Ring of Honor (ROH)

    Cageside Seats: Features: This section houses all of our original features authored by the CSS staff, & any guest columnists. There are a multitude of Features showcased within various subsections here:

  • CSS Features: Cageside Catch Up - Week in Wrestling
  • CSS Features: Rumor Round-Up
  • CSS Features: Cageside Live! Podcast
  • CSS Features: Pro Wrestling Championships: This section also houses the subsections for the CSSGMT: Greatest Match of All Time and the CSSGWT: Greatest Wrestler of All Time
  • CSS Features: PPV Pick 'Em Game
  • CSS Features: This Date in Pro Wrestling History
  • CSS Features: Holland's Midweek Meltdown
  • CSS Features: Slapstick Saturday
  • CSS Features: REC Awards
  • CSS Features: The S3 - Smark's Shoot Standings
  • CSS Features: Underrated & Under Appreciated Wrestlers
  • CSS Features: Wrestler Wrankings™
  • CSS Features: Year-End Awards
  • CSS Features: Guest Columnist - John S. Nash
  • CSS Features: That Was Awesome
  • CSS Features: Fave Five
  • CSS Features: Fantasy Football
  • Videos: Nothing but every video post we have made, watch all night if you like.

    MMA: Posts which are cross-referencing MMA with Pro Wrestling can be found here.

    There you have it Cagesiders, this has all been done in order to improve your browsing experience on CSS. Hopefully, there is something there for everyone. Let us know in the comments if you ever delve into the sections, or have any feedback for us.

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