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TNA Impact Wrestling 'No Surrender' results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Sept. 9) from Orlando, Florida

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives TONIGHT (Sun., Sept. 9, 2012) live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, with it's No Surrender pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is available through at 8 p.m. ET. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of No Surrender below; beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature the conclusion of the Bound for Glory Series as James Storm takes on Bully Ray in his semifinal match to meet the winner of the other semifinal match pitting Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy. Also booked for the show are matches between Austin Aries and the Aces and Eights "Armbreaker," Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara, Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt, and a tag team championship showdown.

All that and more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray
Christopher Daniels and Kazarian def. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships
Rob Van Dam def. Magnus

Zema Ion def. Sonjay Dutt to retain the TNA X Division Championship
Austin Aries and The Armbreaker fought until Aces and Eights and the TNA locker room cleared out
Miss Tessmacher def. Tara to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship
Bully Ray def. James Storm
eff Hardy def. Samoa Joe

Nolan in.

Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

Lockup and Samoa Joe with a hammerlock. Jeff moves in and gets a side headlock. Jeff sent off the ropes and eats a shoulder block.

Hardy off to the outside and taking his time to recover. He gets back in.

Lockup once again and Joe bullies him into the corner. Joe attempts a punch, but Hardy ducks under and works strikes. Hardy whipped into the corner, but he floats over and gets a headscissors takeover to send Joe outside. Hardy attempts a baseball slide, but he is brought outside.

Joe attempting to slam Hardy into the steps, but Joe gets countered and gets his head slammed. Hardy attempting to leap off the steps, but Joe moves. Hardy moves to the apron and dives, landing on Joe.

We move back inside and Joe with the jabs. Atomic drop from Joe. Big boot from Joe. Nearfall. Joe sends Hardy into the corner and does a backsplash and his signature kick in the corner. Nearfall once again.

Joe with a snapmare takeover and puts Hardy in a chinlock. Now working a nervehold. Hardy struggles up to his feet, then elbows Joe in the gut until he gets out. Hardy goes off the ropes, but Joe is there with a big shoulder block.

Joe with a knee to the spine. He puts the knee in the back and puts in a chinlock. Hardy looking to counter out. Back to the feet and he fights out again. Once again, Hardy off the ropes, but runs into a powerslam. Nearfall.

Hardy fighting back, but Joe with a lateral drop to Hardy, sending him outside. Joe looks, then goes off the ropes and to the outside with a suicide dive. Hardy down and out.

Back in-ring and Hardy kicks out of a pinfall. Joe with stomps to the head of Hardy. Joe with a headbutt to Hardy. Working Hardy in the corner with punches. Hardy starts with kicks to the guts and punches. Boot to the arm of Joe and an inverted atomic drop. Joe almost fights out, but Hardy puts him down with a clothesline. Both men down.

Hardy off the ropes and a clothesline. A few right hands. Joe pulls Hardy down by his hair and goes for a back splash, but misses. Hardy splits the legs and leg drops the crotch.

Twist of Fate misses and Joe drives him to the corner. He runs into an elbow and Hardy with the Whisper in the Wind for a nearfall. Joe off into the corner and Hardy charges, only to get a Rock Bottom.

Joe wants to get Hardy up for a Musclebuster. He gets him up top, but Hardy punches out. DDT try for Hardy, but he turns it into a Twist of Fate that hits. Hardy going up top, but he gets crotched by Joe. Joe has Hardy up for a Musclebuster, but Hardy rolls through for a nearfall.

Hardy going for the same armbar/anaconda vise submission he landed on Impact. He gets it. Joe looking to tap, but rolls through for a nearfall.

Hardy turns it into a crucifix pinning position. He gets the victory!

Hardy moves on to the finals.


James Storm with Jeremy Borash.

Storm says he chose Bully for a reason. He says he wants to beat Bully this time around, as he lost last year's match to Bully.

Storm says he'll be taking the BFG Series, no matter what happens.

"Sorry! About your damn luck!"


Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Crowd starts with "Devon's better" chants.

Bully frustrated and mouths off at Storm in the middle of ring.

Storm shuts him up by bucking at him, which Bully flinches at. Bully upset and tells the ref about it. He goes to the outside and starts throwing a tantrum.

He goes back inside.

Lockup and Bully drives Storm into the corner. Ref wants a clean break, but Bully lays a two-handed chop on Storm's chest. Storm smacks the taste out of his mouth.


Storm wants to lockup, but Bully turns away to yell at the crowd. He starts yelling at the ref, telling him that Storm can't smack his face. Storm just does it again and puts Bully in the corner with punches. Storm whips Bully into the other corner hard. Bully just leaves the ring again. Ref starts the count.

Bully comes onto the apron, telling the ref he is bleeding. He's mad.

Back in and lockup. Bully once again pushes Storm into the corner. Strike to Storm's ribcage and elbows to the back of the head. Bully trying to get in control, but Storm gets mad and mounts Bully in the corner. He gets the ten punches to the head.

Whips Bully into the corner hard. Storm steps on the hands of Bully. Storm looking to put up more offense, but Bully rakes the eyes.

Bully ramming Storm's head into the turnbuckle. Storm fights back and gets a back bodydrop. Clothesline for a nearfall.

Bully once again to the outside.

Storm chases. Slams Bully's face into the steps.

Back inside and Storm goes for the Last Call Superkick. Bully steps away and Storm hurts his leg on the turnbuckle. Bully now in control and raking the back of Storm. Bully grabs Storm by his hair and locks in a bearhug in the middle of the ring.

Storm boxes the ears of Bully to get out. He goes off the ropes, but runs into a big boot from Bully. Bully nearfall. Bully gets a release suplex. Nearfall again.

Bully working Storm in the corner with strikes. Punches. Bully gets in Earl Hebner's face, but Hebner walks him down into the corner. Bully charges with a clothesline in the corner on Storm. Punch to the head of Storm. Bully now mounting the second rope and going for the ten punches.

Storm with a low blow. Powerbomb by Storm gets a nearfall. Storm up top and he hits a crossbody for a nearfall. Both men up and a sidewalk slam for Bully gets a nearfall, too.

Bully going for something, but Storm counters into a crucifix pinfall. Nearfall. Bully going for a big boot, but Storm gets an enzugiri. Storm charges at Bully, who matadors him into the ref. Earl Hebner is down.

Bubba Bomb and Bully into the pin. No ref. Ref comes in and nearfall.

Bully now going for a back splash from the second rope, but nothing doing. Storm charges at Bully, but he gets a forearm splash on the replacement ref!

Storm trying to revive Earl Hebner, but Bully charges. Storm ducks under and hits a Codebreaker, sending Bully splashing into Hebner.

Storm hits the Last Call Superkick, into the pin. No ref once again.


He walks up behind an unsuspecting Storm and cracks him with a beer bottle while his back is turned. He drags Bully on top of Storm and Hebner wakes up. He counts the three.

Bully Ray wins.


Miss Tessmacher backstage with Jeremy Borash.

She tells the story of how Tara is her best friend and mentor. She says this match will be her most important, but emphasizes that she'd be nothing without Tara.

She says she has no idea how this one will go, but she is willing to bet her title on it.


Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher (c)

Tara lockups up and puts Tess in the corner. Another lockup and some more of the same. Another lockup and a stalemate.

Tess locking a wristlock, but Tara gets out with a cartwheel into a wrist lock. Armdrag from Tara. Side headlock from Tessmacher. Tara tries to slam, but Tessmacher with a side headlock takeover.

Tara sweeps the leg. The two stare each other down and Tara gets a side headlock on Tess. Tess trying to fight out by pushing Tara into the ropes. She gets it after missing it twice. Tara ends up with a backslide after a grappling predicament. Tessmacher with a pinning predicament of her own. Tara counters.

Tessmacher goes outside and Tara holds the ropes for her. Tara with an unexpected schoolgirl pin. Nearfall. Tessmacher with arm drags and Tess gets an armbar.

Taryn Terrell breaks them up. Tess is upset with Tara, wondering why she is going so hard on her. Tara says it is a championship match.

The two grapple around and Tess gets control with punches and clotheslines. Tessmacher tries to whip Tara into the corner, but Tara reverses. Springboard clothesline from Tess.

Tess trying to set something up, but Tara hits her with an elbow. Tara with a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Tara puts Tessmacher up top and gets a superplex. Nearfall once again. Tara again with a pin, nearfall. Another, nearfall. Tara frustrated.

Tara now setting up for the Widow's Peak. Tessmacher rolls through. Pinfall and victory for Miss Tessmacher.


Backstage and Bobby Roode getting a police escort out of the building.

Hulk Hogan comes up and he says Storm comes at Roode and beats him up.

Storm comes in and starts brawling with Roode. The two go at each other and Hogan tells security to throw both of them out.


Austin Aries vs. The Armbreaker

Aries out in street clothes. Aries has a mic and says he knows the fans are used to seeing him with a blazer and a title belt. But, tonight is not about any of that "bullshit."

Aries wants a fight and he wants it now. He begs Aces and Eights to send out their goon.

A bit of stalling.

The Armbreaker is out.

He tries to roll in, but Aries almost stomps him. He rolls out. This happens a few more times.

Aries taunts him in-ring. He finally gives The Armbreaker room to breathe.

The Armbreaker hits the apron, but Apron comes and kicks him off. Suicide dive by Aries. He is brawling on the outside. Sends him into the ringpost. Body shots by Aries.

Back inside and Aries just landing strike after strike. Aries mounts the second rope and gets the ten punches to the head. Aries now going for the mask.

The Armbreaker with a huge lowblow that sends Aries falling to the outside. The Armbreaker plays to the boos from the crowd. Aries back on the apron, but he gets punched off.

The Armbreaker outside and punches Aries. Slams Aries' head into the ringpost. Whips Aries into the steel steps.

Fan says, "YOU SUCK GALLOWS!" Oh, smarks.

Back into the ring and The Armbreaker with punches to Aries in the corner. Splash to Aries. He brings him in for an Irish whip, but clotheslines Aries' head off.

The Armbreaker setting Aries up for a powerbomb.

And Aries unwraps a hand wrap and has powder in it. He blinds the big buy. Armbreaker in the corner and Aries with a huge running dropkick. Aries goes up top as Armbreaker is outside. Huge flying crossbody to the outside.

Fight continues up the ramp, but now back to the ring. Aries going up top again, but Armbreaker slugs him off the top. Aries smashes into the apron on the way down. Armbreaker goes outside and brings Aries back inside.

Armbreaker grabs a chair and comes back in. Looking to slug Aries with a chair, but Aries ducks under. Left hand with a roll of quarters by Aries. Brainbuster on the Armbreaker.

He wants the mask and it comes halfway off.

Aces and Eights hit the ring and Aries tries to fight them off.

Impact locker room out. Ion, RVD, Angle, Styles, Magnus, Joe, Bully, Dutt, Hardy. Hogan is the last out and he has a bat. He goes to the ring. He says that he wants the building locked down.

Bully interrupts and tells Hogan that Hardy is hurt. He gets medical attention.

Hogan again asks for the place locked up and wants the cops here, too.


The truck has a shot of what happened to Hardy. He got lawndarted into the ringpost shoulder first.


Zema Ion (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt

Lockup and Dutt gets a side headlock. Dutt sent off into the ropes and gets another side headlock. Yanking the hair of Ion here.

Ion sent into the corner, attempts the float through, but Sonjay grabs a hold for an arm drag. More arm drags. After exchanges back and forth, Ion is sent outside. Ion gets a hangman's neckbreaker. Dutt takes control again and gets a double springboard arm drag.

Hurricanrana for Dutt. Baseball slide kick from Dutt to Ion on the outside. Dutt gets a headscissors takeover using the apron. Action moves back inside. Dutt going for a springboard crossbody, but he lands right in a gutbuster.

Ion now stomps Dutt. He works on his hair and then works Dutt into the corner. HARD chop from Ion. He whips Dutt into the turnbuckle super hard, knocking Dutt down. Ion choking Dutt on the second rope.

Suplex and a floatover pin attempt from Ion. Nearfall. Ion blatantly choking Dutt. Now, Ion locking in a chinlock while working a bit of an armbar.


Ion with an elbow to the back of Dutt. Ion rushes Dutt in the corner, but eats an elbow. Ion with a side suplex into skullbuster on his knee. Unique stuff. Ion puts Dutt on the top rope, but Dutt falls out onto the apron. Ion walks over, only eats a forearm. Dutt goes up top, and Ion yanks him down, only to get locked in a headscissors takedown.

Ion to the outside. He gets on the apron as Dutt attempts a move to the outside, cracking Dutt in the gut with a shoulder. Dutt taking over. Hurricanrana off the top! Standing moonsault for a nearfall.

Both men on the top rope. Sonjay front suplexes Ion to the outside. Dutt runs to the other ring post, gets on top, and hits a moonsault on the outside.

Sonjay with a springboard attack and gets a nearfall. Both men exchange forearms, where Dutt gets the best of it. Dutt going for a springboard move, but he gets caught in an electric chair. Ion turns him around and powerbombs him hard. Ion now locking up both arms, trying to hurt Dutt's injured shoulder and upperbody.

Both men up and Sonjay looking for a Stunner of sorts, then flips backwards into a Scorpion Deathdrop. Pinning predicament with Dutt getting the better of the rollups. Both men continue this until they get one more pin. Ion bridges up and sets Dutt up on his back.

He gets what I'd call a reverse Widow's Peak, as he instead lets Dutt's face slam into the mat instead of cranking the neck. Facebuster of sorts gets the pin and victory for Ion.


Hogan rallying the cops outside, telling he wants everyone they have.

Hardy backstage and Jeremy Borash wondering on the condition.

Magnus here and says Hardy is suffering from a severe lack of common sense. He says he made a bad decision by following his heart instead of his head in attacking Aces and Eights when he was in the BFG Finals. He tells Van Dam he'll be beating him down next.


Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam

Magnus cowering away from RVD engaging to start. Lockup and Magnus gets the back of RVD. Go-behind takedown. Attempted a headlock on RVD, but back to the feet.

Lockup again and Magnus gets the wristlock. RVD reverses into the hammerlock, but Magnus once again reverses into his own hammerlock. The two disengage in the corner.

Lockup again and Magnus with the wristlock. RVD spinning backkick. RVD sidekicks Magnus out to the floor. Baseball slide kick from RVD on the outside. He whips Magnus into the barricade. Uppercuts and a front suplex onto the barricade. RVD to the apron and going for the leg drop.

Magnus moves and RVD cracks his leg on the barricade. Magnus stomping on RVD and drives him into the apron. Magnus works him on the outside a bit and goes back inside.

Nearfall for Magnus. Magnus goes for a bodyslam, but RVD gets out and goes off the ropes. Leveled by a Magnus clothesline and nearfall for Magnus.

RVD fighting back with the strikes, but Magnus grabs a bodykick and sweeps the leg. Magnus in the corner with RVD and whips him hard into the opposite corner, knocking RVD down. Magnus stomping RVD.

RVD striking back. Magnus sends RVD off into the ropes, but RVD flips over the back bodydrop again. Magnus locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. RVD trying to work out of it, but instead gets to the rope.

Magnus goes to the outside and hangs RVD over the apron. Strikes and smashing the face of RVD into the apron. Magnus going up top and hits a flying elbow drop for a nearfall.

RVD fights out of a sleeper with strikes. Magnus off the ropes, but he eats a spin kick. RVD clotheslines. He dropkicks the knee. Legsweep from RVD. He kicks the legs and slams Magnus' right leg to the mat.

Rolling Thunder hits. Nearfall.

Magnus in the corner and he is getting lit up with strikes. RVD going for the springboard sidekick, but RVD is slammed into the canvas. Magnus goes up top, but RVD gorilla presses him off.

RVD looking for the monkey flip. He gets there, only to be clocked with a clothesline. Nearfall for Magnus. Magnus looking for the Texas Cloverleaf again, but misses. RVD is able to get the spin kick again.

Going up top for the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD gets the pin and the victory.


Borash backstage with Kaz and Daniels.

Kaz tells "Jeremiah B." that this is a travesty and starts making up words about what Hogan has done to them. Daniels lists that they've been screwed over numerous times and now "Thunderlips himself" is trying to ware them down with two matches in four days.

Daniels going hard on the mic and says that he will be taking the victory tonight.

Sip from the appletini and we go into a retrospective of Styles vs. Daniels and Kaz.


Kazarian and Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles

Daniels hands SoCal Val his appletini pre-match.

Daniels and Angle start. Lockup and Angle pushes, but Daniels reverses into the corner. Daniels unloads with strikes. Kurt now with strikes of his own, but Daniels stops that with a knee to the stomach. Angle back in control with strikes in the corner. Whips Daniels hard into the corner.

Angle with a snap suplex for a nearfall. Styles clocks Daniels, then Angle, then Styles, then Angle drops him. Styles tagged in. Double elbows to Daniels from Angle and Styles. Styles with strikes. The men exchange and Daniels gets the side headlock. Styles trying to counter with a bear hug.

Daniels off the ropes, but Kaz tags himself in while Daniels runs the ropes. Drop kicks for both champs. Swinging neckbreaker and suplex from Styles. He brings Kaz into his corner and tags in Angle. Double backdrop sends Kaz FLYING and crashing into the mat.

Angle with a front headlock and clubs the back of Kaz. Kaz sent into the ropes and Angle drops him with a shoulder block. Angle levels Daniels with a forearm.

Styles in and a backbreaker for Kaz for a nearfall. Styles levels Daniels, then comes back and gets an eye poke from Kaz. Monkey flip from Kaz. Kaz mounts and unloads punches to Styles. Kaz slams Styles' head into the turnubuckle and tags in Daniels.

Double team gives Daniels a clothesline to Style. He then hip tosses Kaz into a leg drop on Styles. Daniels cracks a downed Styles to the outside. Kaz roughs him up a bit and Daniels gets a dropkick for a nearfall. Daniels with punches to a downed Styles.

Kaz in. More strikes and now with a necktie. Styles fights out with punches and chops. He charges for a tag, but Kaz prevents it by lifting him on his shoulders. Neckbreaker from Kaz. Nearfall.

Daniels in. Working a sleeper. Styles fights out, but he gets double-teamed and Kaz is in. AJ fights out and sends the teammates into each other. Tags in Angle.

Angle cleaning house. Kazarian getting the three German suplexes from Angle. Wait, no, Daniels grabs the hand of Kaz to prevent it. Daniels gets a belly-to-belly from that. Kazarian now in control and ends up with a nearfall.

Daniels in. Working stomps on Angle in his corner. Daniels taunts Styles, which distracts the ref. Kaz cranking Angle's neck on their turnbuckle. Kaz in. Daniels over the top with an elbow and Kaz with a leg drop. Kaz working a front headlock on Angle. Kaz clubbing the back of Angle.

Kaz lays on Angle with punches in the corner. Kaz whip reversed, but Angle runs into a boot. Then he runs into an elbow. Kaz up top looking for a moonsault, but Angle with an Angle Slam from the top.

Hot tag brings in Daniels and Styles.

Styles with a backbreaker and a splash in the corner. Daniels looking for a springboard moonsault, but Styles gets his into a DDT. Kaz lands a running dropkick that levels Styles.

Angle in and both the champs down. Angle with a splash on Daniels for a nearfall. Both champs get an Angle Slam. Pin on Daniels, but he grabs the ropes.

Angle gets the Ankle Lock. Kaz breaks that up with a kick to the back of the neck.

Kaz and Styles legal now. Styles in control, but he gets put in the corner. Kaz monkey flips him on to Daniels, but AJ with a headscissors takedown!

Daniels now locked in an Ankle Lock while Kaz is down in-ring. Styles with the springboard 450.


Styles up top now and Daniels follows. Daniels is sent off to the outside. Kaz gets up there and ends up hitting some crazy corkscrew sort of slam! This has to be it.


Kaz and Styles in the middle of the ring. Kaz trying to hit the Styles Clash, but Kurt in and hits a German suplex on Kaz. He takes Daniels out with a clothesline over the top.

In-ring, Styles going for the Styles Clash. He can't get Kaz up. Daniels comes around and throws the appletini in the face of Styles!

Kaz rolls up and pins Styles! Champs retain.

Wow. Good stuff here.


Recap of the first two BFG Series matches.


Hogan telling the cops to be ready for the big main event. They disperse to the inside.


Bully with Jeremy Borash. Status on Jeff Hardy unknown.

He says the Aces and Eights stuff has to stop. He says he still would have beaten Jeff. He says he deserves respect.

He says he is destined for greatness and tonight will prove that.


Cops line ringside and the building.


Bound for Glory Final: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy still not out after his music hits.

Music starts a second time, but Hulk Hogan comes out.

Hogan says there is a problem. He tells Bully and him have a problem. There is no Jeff Hardy out here.

Bully told Hogan that this Aces and Eights had to stop, but he needs to win this tournament. He says he knows Hardy wants to win this, but if his music hits and he can't answer the bell, what will they do?

Hogan says that if Bully really feels the way he feels about Aces and Eights, he won't let the referee count to ten and will let Hardy wrestle him on Impact.

Bully is contemplating.

Hogan says that this will determine Bully's legacy.

Hardy's music hits and he gimps out to the ring.

Bully stares down Hardy and gives him a fist bump for coming out, injured and all.

The two men square up and try to strike. Hardy and Bully lock up in the corner, but Hardy still can't move his left arm.

Hardy attempts to fight Bully with one arm, but Bully takes over. Bully roughing him up and sending him to the outside. Hardy limps back in and Bully starts working on the shoulder once again. Hardy charges at Bully, but Bully cracks his shoulder with a kick.

Bully splashes Hardy's left arm. Three nearfalls. Hardy hanging tough. Armbar in on Hardy's left shoulder. Hardy rolls over to the ropes and lays on the apron. Bully still working Hardy over. Clocking the shoulder over and over. He is now choking him with the tape.

Punch to the shoulder once again. Punch to the head of Hardy. Bodyslam from Bully. Bully going for a splash, but Hardy moves out of the way. Right hands from Hardy. He gets a stepover kick.


Hardy going up top, and he gets the Swanton!

PIN! Nearfall.

Hardy going for the Twist of Fate once again, but Bully throws him into the corner. Bubba Bomb! Nearfall.

Bully whips Hardy into the corner, but he runs into Hardy's boots. Whisper in the Wind lands! Nearfall.

Bully taking over once again, but Hardy gets another Twist of Fate. Nearfall again. Bully is tired of this and throws Hardy into the corner. Bubba Cutter gets him a nearfall. Bully roughing Hardy up in the corner. He whips Hardy into the opposite corner, but Hardy moves before a splash.

Twist of Fate! AND ANOTHER!

Hardy going up top. Bully going up and roughing him up with strikes. Bully goes up with him, but he gets shoved down.



Hardy celebrates as we faded to black.


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