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WWE Saturday Morning Slam results and reactions for this morning (Sept. 8): Sandow schools the children

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Saturday Morning Slam woke us all up this morning (Sept. 8, 2012) with some kid-friendly WWE action. Sin Cara was in this week's feature match, while Damien Sandow enlightened the younger generation.

But enough banter. Let's talk reactions:

  • The show opened up with Damien Sandow in the "Saturday Morning Spotlight" with a segment he called, "Damien's Dictionary". He informed the "little troglodytes" of this week's words, based on the "back to school theme." He started off with the word, "matriculate", using it in a sentence, "Matriculate; as in, when I matriculated into WWE, all the WWE Superstars were shaking in their boots... and they always will be." Secondly he gave us, "sophomoric" with this gem, "Sophomoric; as in, while the entire WWE roster is sophomoric, I, Damien Sandow, am NOT sophomoric." The word, "valedictorian" wrapped up his little vocabulary lesson, "Valedictorian; I graduated valedictorian in pre-school, grammar school, middle school, high school AND college and you should all aim to do the same." Money, folks. Absolute money.
  • WWE's "Video Vault" featured: Bobby Heenan, Lanny "The Genius" Poffo, Dean Douglas and Matt Striker. They were all featured as, "Superstars who were intelligent, but not very smart." I guess that's because they were heels? Either way, good stuff on the history lesson for the kids.
  • "The 3rd Degree" question for the Superstars was, "What subject did they like most in school?" Cody Rhodes said, "he made a "104", which was four more points than you're supposed to make, or an "A++", in American History." Heath Slater said, "he didn't like math, spelling, or reading, while his "favorite", was gym class". Natayla "favored her English class." The Miz said, "all of them", as apparently he made straight "A"s. Zack Ryder said, "he made a "100" on his math finals in ninth grade." Brodus Clay said, "he was a "PE" guy, where he was "The King of Kickball." Kofi Kingston was a "science whiz." It closed out with Miz saying he likes to consider himself "the smartest man alive." Fun little segment -- it even made me chuckle.
  • Sin Cara squared off with Michael McGillicutty. Josh Mathews and William Regal were on call. Glad to see both McGillicuty and Regal getting some TV time. Regal mentioned how McGillicutty's father was "a WWE legend", which was a nice moment. Overall, okay little match that had power versus technique. Sin Cara came out on top.
  • Sandow closed up the show with the final word of the day being, "curriculum", as in, "You would get much more out of school if I, Damien Sandow, came up with your school curriculum." He wished the children well on a "prosperous school year." Once again, this guy is the best. Just think, one day down the road, there will be a man or woman who recounts their childhood fondly stating, "I used to watch wrestling on Saturday mornings on The CW and this one guy used to try to teach big words; he was a douche." That's what it's all about, folks.

Any of you Cagesiders catch Saturday Morning Slam with your breakfast this morning?

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