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Batista waiting for 'PG stuff to blow over' before making WWE return

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During his interview on last night's (Sept. 6) episode of MMA Uncensored on Spike TV, Batista was asked if he still has plans on making a return to WWE at some point down the road. His answer:

"Yeah, for sure. I left on real good terms when I left WWE. They left the door open for me, and I'd like to go back and do some stuff. Hopefully, this 'PG' stuff will kinda blow over, and I can go back and do wrestling the way that I like to do wrestling. One of the guys I always liked working with was Hunter (Hearst Helmsley). A guy who I never really had any kind of long-term program with was Brock (Lesnar). I wouldn't mind working with Brock. But, 'The Undertaker,' of course."

Batista left WWE in early 2010 due to what he would later clarify were issues with the creative direction of the company. His argument, essentially, is that pro wrestling was much better in the Attitude Era than in the PG Era, so he didn't want to be a part of it anymore.

It would seem his view hasn't changed a lick over the past two years.

That's probably partly to do with the fact that he's invested so much of his time away from the pro wrestling business trying to break into mixed martial arts. His reason for doing so is simply because he "wants to be a fan looking at it from the inside."

Batista will make his MMA debut on Oct. 6 against Rashid Evans at the Duncan Doughnuts Theater in Providence, Rhode Island. The bout will be broadcast on the CES channel. For more on Batista's MMA debut click here and here.

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