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Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament Greatest Matches Bracket

<em>Bracket design by: <a href="" target="new">June M. Williams</a></em>
Bracket design by: June M. Williams

The Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament is back again with a brand new field of 64 and a new subject to vote on throughout the next few months until we crown another winner.

This time we're doing the Greatest Matches as voted on by you. Above, you can view the bracket with all the first round match-ups.

There have been some changes made to the bracket itself, such as the inclusion of the new site logo and a more clean layout. That said, the text is smaller and more difficult to read this time, though you can still enlarge the picture via the usual methods (hover over the picture and click where prompted to enlarge) to ensure you can read everything.

It's kind of hard to fit entire matches and events on one small line. Let's all give a nod to our wonderful Graphic Designer June Williams, who continues devoting a lot of time to make sure we're spoiled with a great looking bracket to enjoy while we work our way through this next tournament.

Feel free to sound off with your thoughts on all the match-ups and give your predictions on who is going to win the whole thing. I'm to go out on a limb and say the final will involve a match featuring Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart. Just a wild guess, though.

If you're wondering when we'll get this baby started, the date to look forward to is Sept. 17, 2012. That's when the first match-up will be played with the same voting rules as the last one. Also be on the lookout for the first round schedule to drop next Monday.

Everyone pumped for the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament? I know I am.

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