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WWE Smackdown spoilers, results and live blog for Sept. 7: Sheamus vs. David Otunga

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08: The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

WWE Smackdown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Fri., Sept. 7, 2012) from our General's stomping grounds in Moline, Illinois, featuring a taped show on SyFy with a main event of Sheamus vs. David Otunga.

How do they get there?

Well, Alberto Del Rio, along with Ricardo Rodriguez, has a few legal attacks he would like to launch at the world heavyweight champion for what he did to the poor ring announcer with his Brogue Kick on Raw this past Monday night.

That's gonna be a big point of emphasis throughout the show.

So will the Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler feud, which won't be going away anytime soon, since it appears "The Viper" won't be checking out while he's filming his upcoming movie.

All that and more.

If you don't want to wait until tonight, you can click here to read full spoilers.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on SyFy so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Smackdown open discussion after the jump.


Nolan in.

Recap of Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio's match where Ricardo Rodriguez ate the Brogue Kick.

Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga are helping an injured Ricardo Rodriguez out of the Smackdown GM office.

Opening title sequence.

Broadcast is live.

Ricardo, Otunga, and Del Rio making their way down the ramp ever so gingerly, making sure not to hurt Rodriguez, who is wearing a neck brace.

They finally hit the ring and Del Rio takes the mic. He says he is on the greatest roll of his career. He made Orton tap, defeated Kane, and pinned John Cena. He says he will extend that by beating Sheamus at Night of Champions, but he is not happy. He says that if the match was about skills or brains, he'd be the winner. Sheamus has an advantage, according to Del Rio. An advantage more dangerous than a steel chair, an advantage that should be illegal.

The Brogue Kick.

Del Rio decries it as barbaric and brutal. He says that kicking someone in the head is a criminal act.

Mirko Cro Cop pleads guilty, Dos Caras, Jr.

Del Rio says that Ricardo is not only his ring announcer, but his friend. He says he is his only friend. He says Rodriguez will likely have permanent physical and emotional damage. He says that hundreds have suffered this because of the Brogue Kick.

Del Rio claims the Brogue Kick is nothing like his Cross Armbreaker. He says his finisher is pure, artistic, and like poetry. He says the Brogue Kick is a travesty and a criminal act.

He starts ranting in Spanish and Otunga takes the mic.

He introduces himself and gives his credentials, only to get booed. He says Ricardo hired him because he felt Sheamus had malicious intent. He tells the fans that if they believe the Brogue
Kick should be legal, they should direct their attention to the TitanTron.

A package of the kick being landed on many stars is shown with bagpipes being played in the background.

The fans cheer and Otunga says that was difficult to watch. He says it would be a joke if WWE continued to allow this move. Otunga says they just spoke to Smackdown GM Booker T and demanded compensation. They demanded justice. Otunga says he will make sure his client's pain and suffering will not be in vein.

"Can you dig it, sucka?!?!"

Booker T is out and has a mic. He asks if they are kidding him, citing that their conversation was supposed to be confidential. He says that if they want to bring their case to the people, he will oblige.

He asks the WWE Universe if he should ban the Brogue Kick.


"Say that one more time?"


The Brogue Kick is still legal.

"Now, can you dig that, sucka?!"

The group sits in the ring upset.

Cole and Mathews at the announcer's table.

Cole blasts Booker T's decision making, but Mathews tries sticking up for Booker. Cole says he is one to talk with what is going on with Kane and Mathews. Mathews says that Kane was fined an undisclosed amount and, despite the fact that there could have been more done, it is what it is.

Cole tells us that he is upset with the unsafe work environment for announcers. He updates us on Jerry Lawler's condition and begs him to seek legal consultation.

Anywho, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara will be taking on Cody Rhodes and The Miz next.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and The Miz

Match starts off with Rey and Miz.

Lockup start. Miz muscles Mysterio into the corner. Ref wants a clean break and Miz backs off, only to boot Rey in the gut. Left hand from Miz. Clubbing the back and another punch. Miz looking for a side suplex, but Rey flips out. He cracks Miz with a leg kick or two.

Sin Cara in. He goes off the ropes and him and Rey kick Miz at the same time. Nearfall off the dual kick. Sin Cara working an armbar here while dropping punches to the elbow of Miz.


We're back and a leg kick to Cody Rhodes. Sin Cara holding on to the arm of Rhodes. He goes to the corner and runs up to the top rope, coming down with his flying arm drag.

Rey in. He runs up to Sin Cara, who puts him on his shoulders, and wraps his legs around Rhodes' head for the headscissors takedown. Rhodes on the second rope and Rey looking for the 619.

Miz drags Rhodes to the outside. Mysterio takes chase with a baseball slide to the outside and wants to square up with Miz. Rhodes uses this as an opportunity to club Rey with a forearm to the back of the head.

Action goes back inside and Rhodes with a snapmare into a running knee to a seated Mysterio. Nearfall for Rhodes. Cody now working a neck crank. Mysterio fights out, but gets pushed into the corner. Cody charges, but eats a boot. He tries again, but gets a drop toehold into the second turnbuckle.

Miz encouraging his partner to stop the tag between Rey and Sin Cara. Doesn't happen and Sin Cara is in. Springboard crossbody to Rhodes. Sin Cara gets his handspring back elbow. Headscissors takedown from Sin Cara. Charges at a cornered Cody, but he gets back bodydropped onto the apron.

Fortunately, he kicks Cody over the top with an enzuigiri. Looking for something off the top, but Miz tells Cody to duck and he obliges. Sin Cara rolls through and gets a boot to the gut. Sin Cara pushed into the opponent's corner. Cody charges, but eats boot. Sin Cara with a sunset flip, but Cody tags out to Miz before going to the mat.

Miz attacks Sin Cara with strikes from behind. Stomping on a downed Sin Cara. He charges Sin Cara into the corner and unloads with strikes. He hits his Awesome Clothesline in the corner.

Miz now going up top. He gets Sin Cara with a double axhandle smash. Nearfall.

Cody in and has a delayed front suplex for Sin Cara. Nearfall. Cody working for a neck crank and also attempting to loosen the mask of Sin Cara. Sin Cara fights out and gets a leg kick. Cody setting up for a side suplex, but Sin Cara manages to turn that into an inverted DDT.

Both men now looking for a tag.

Miz in and Rey in.

Rey with a senton from the top on Miz. Rey with a kick to the face from his back after ducking under a Miz clothesline. Kick to the head of a kneeling Miz. Nearfall.

Mysterio whipped into the ropes, but catches himself. Miz charges and eats a boot. Mysterio looking for headscissors, but Miz tosses him to the apron. Miz charges, but gets a shoulder block to the gut. Sunset flip for Rey, but Miz rolls through and gets a kick to the head for a nearfall.

Both men slow to get up. Miz pushes Mysterio into the ropes, but eats a kick off a setup for a back bodydrop. Mysterio looking for a tilt-a-whirl bulldog, but Miz counters into a Skull-Crushing Finale setup. Mysterio rolls through for the pin. Miz rolls back through to stack Rey.

Cody is in, but he accidentally kicks Miz after the reversal. Sin Cara takes him out with a missile dropkick that sends Cody to the outside. He follows up with a corkscrew plancha to the outside on Cody.

Inside, Rey sets up the 619. He hits it. Going up top for the diving headbutt and he gets it. Pinfall and victory to Mysterio and Sin Cara.


Backstage and Daniel Bryan is roaming the halls.

Hornswaggle offers him to hug it out, but Bryan wants none of it. Hornswaggle then offers up a hand, which Bryan accepts. Hornswaggle is impressed with Bryan's kindness.

And he stomps on the foot of Bryan.

Bryan in pain and angry, but he tells himself to breathe.


Booker T backstage with Otunga.

Otunga is upset with Booker putting superstars' health in the hands of the fans. He then shows Booker a video of what the Brogue Kick does, proclaiming it to be unnatural.

He asks what kind of GM Booker wants to be. One who takes a stand or one who puts the health of superstars at risk.

Booker has had enough and says so. Otunga asks if he will ban the move. Booker says he will think about it.

"Booker...or should I call you, Mr. T?"

Otunga drops that gem and invites Booker to meet him in the trainer's room to see some physical evidence.

Booker looks at the screen and does not look pleased.


Recap of the hug and the aftermath between Kane and Daniel Bryan.


Daniel Bryan out. As always, he is trying to keep his cool while the fans chant "YES!" at him.

We go to commercial and he will be in action next.


Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan

Lockup and Bryan with the hammerlock. Ryder reverses into a rollup for a nearfall.

He tells Bryan he was that close.

Bryan charges at him and starts with his kicks. Ryder down and he is now stomping on him, prompting the referee to give him a five count.

Bryan breaks and sends Ryder into the ropes. He follows with a knee lift to the gut of Ryder. "NO!" kicks to the chest of Ryder. He follows off the ropes with a running knee. Nearfall for Bryan.

He is trying to keep his cool as he picks Ryder up. Sends Ryder off the ropes for a back bodydrop, but ends up on the wrong end of a facebuster. Ryder with a spinning lariat. Bryan into the corner. Ryder attempts a whip, but he gets whipped into the opposite corner. Bryan runs at him, only to eat two knees.

Broski Boot is ready to go.

Bryan eats it.

Rough Ryder coming, but Bryan starts calmly waving his hands at Ryder while saying "no." He says that he is "sorry," and repeats it a few times.

Is Ryder confused? #WWWYKI.

Bryan asks for Ryder to hug it out.

Ryder asks if he is serious, bro.

They embrace, and Bryan turns it into a "NO!" lock.

Ryder taps out.

Bryan is your winner.

Bryan pacing frantically after the bell rings and he ends up locking in the "NO!" lock once again. The ref keeps trying to separate the two, but he is unsuccessful. The ref calls for the bell and goes to the outside to explain to Lilian Garcia.

He has reversed his decision and Ryder is your winner.

Bryan snaps in-ring. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" The crowd mocks him as he runs around screaming it and kicking the bottom rope. Bryan breaks down in the middle of the ring.

This guy is money.


Orton in action next.


Damien Sandow vs. Randy Orton

Sandow on the mic. He says he "knows a match is scheduled to begin, but it is imperative that I get something off my chest." He says he lost a match last week via countout to Sheamus. He says that he sees it as karmic justice. Booker T put him in a match he wasn't prepared for. He needs proper time to study his opponent and his weaknesses to exploit.

He says he knows the unwashed masses won't understand him, but he was disgusted and appalled at the reaction on social media.

"I saw Tweets and saw Touts that called me a coward! I assure you this, my actions were intelligent, not craven!"

He says the anonymous people who send their feelings via social media are the real cowards and that none of them "have the gumption to call me craven to my face!"

He says he cannot comprehend the fascination of the WWE with social media.

Neither can we, Mr. Sandow.

"Instead of Tweeting, how about reading? When Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, I assure you, he did not Tout about it! And furthermore..."

Enter Orton.

Sandow wonders what Orton could possibly add to this discussion.

Orton says he isn't here to add anything, but to fight. He said he told Booker T his original opponent can wait, as he wants to fight Sandow.

Sandow says this isn't right, as Booker can't go around switching opponents.

Orton says he can and he did.

Bell rings.

Sandow hides behind the ref.

Ziggler's music hits and he and Vickie make their way to ringside. Ziggler joins the announcing crew.

Bell rings once again.

Lockup and Orton gets the side headlock takeover. Sandow gets a side headlock of his own, but Orton is grabbing the hair. He gets a side headlock as well. Orton off the ropes and gets a shoulder block on Sandow.

Orton looking for more and Sandow rolls to the outside.

Sandow looking to regroup and he eventually steps back inside. Lockup once again. Orton bullies Sandow into a corner and the two reverse until Orton gets control. Sandow starts unloading with punches and a shoulder block in the corner.

Sandow looking for a whip, but Orton reverses. Sandow slides under the bottom rope to the outside.

He comes back in and Orton starts unloading. He knocks Sandow down, picks him back up, and drops him with an uppercut once again.

Orton going for his backbreaker, but Sandow gets to the outside. Orton taking chase and working him on the ring apron. He slams Sandow into the announce table.

Ziggler gets on top of the announce table and starts telling Orton to focus. Sandow uses this to drive Orton into the ring post. Sandow now shoves him into it head first. He drags Orton in-ring and gets a nearfall.

Commercial with Sandow in control.

Snapmare from Sandow and into a sleeper as we come back.

Orton tries to fight out by grabbing Sandow's beard. Orton fighting out, but Sandow clubs his back. He translates it into the Russian leg sweep. He hits the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall.

Knee drop misses for Sandow. Orton with his clotheslines and the powerslam. Sandow trying to sneak outside, but Orton gets him up and down on the rope-assisted DDT.

Orton focuses on Ziggler on the outside before coiling for the RKO.

And Sandow scurries to the back.

Orton starts focusing on Ziggler.

The bell rings for a countout victory for Orton.

Ziggler starts chatting it up with Vickie at ringside, while looking at Orton in-ring. Orton rolls out to meet in a staredown at ringside. Words are exchanged and Orton drops him with a punch. He throws Ziggler into the ring.

Ziggler now working punches and stomps. He charges at Orton, who ducks and hits his powerslam.

The Viper is coiled.

And Sandow comes back to try to lay out Orton. He eats a RKO instead. Ziggler scurries and Orton tries to chase, but Zigs is out on the ramp by the time Orton reaches for him.

Orton stares at him from the ring.


Otunga talking to Booker and showing x-rays that show the effect of the Brogue Kick.

Otunga says if Booker doesn't ban the move, he'll file a lawsuit.

Booker settles him, telling him he isn't in a position to demand anything. He says he'll think about it, but has plans until then. He tells Otunga to get his gear on, because he'll be facing Sheamus.


Kofi and R-Truth here announcing with Cole and Mathews.

Primo and Epico vs. The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

Darren Young starting off with Primo and Jey Uso.

This a three-way match, so three men in the ring at the same time.

All three stare each other down. Titus O'Neill gets a strike in on Primo, which prompts him to go after Titus. Darren attacks him from behind. Jey turns Young around and lands two punches, but Young counters with a boot to the stomach. More strikes from Young to a downed Jey Uso.

Primo gets his wits back and hits Young with a Backstabber. Jey Uso tries to steal the pin, but Primo drags him off. Jey Uso then drags him off. Jey dives in on the pin once again, but Primo breaks it with an old-fashioned kick.

Primo isolates Jey Uso with strikes in his corner and tags in Epico. Epico jumps over the top, as does Primo to get to the apron. Epico stomping on the downed Uso and tags Primo back in. Primo with a few strikes and a shoulder to the gut in the corner. Epico tagged back in.

Primo whips Jey into a Epico dropkick. Nearfall. Epico charges at Young and dropkicks his stomach, dropping him in the corner again. Epico with two side suplexes on Jey.

And Young sneaks to the corner to tag in Titus.

Epico hits the third of the set and is met with a big boot from Titus. Titus now working on Jey Uso with a backbreaker. Pumphandle slam for Epico.

Young in and Titus is going to front suplex him onto Jey Uso.

And Jey Uso raises the knees.

Jey looking to attack, but he is dropped by a dropkick from Epico as soon as he gets up. Jey goes to the outside. Epico looking to tag, but Young grabs his leg. Northern Lights suplex from Young and a bridge for the nearfall.

Young reversed into a whip into the corner. Epico charges, but he gets an elbow. Young charges with a clothesline, but Epico ducks. He jumps off of the corner and gets a springboard tornado DDT.

Jey Uso charges at Young and they knock each other down. Everyone down in the middle of the ring. Jey crawling and gets the hot tag to Jimmy Uso.

Double clothesline to Epico and Young. He charges and knocks Titus off the apron, too. Jimmy cleaning house in-ring and gets a sitout full nelson atomic drop on Young.

Epico brings Primo and Jimmy Uso charges at him to knock him down. He splashes a downed Young in the corner with a booty to the face. Primo going after Jimmy, but he ducks under and hits a superkick that sends Primo to the outside.

Titus O'Neill charges at Jimmy, who pulls the rope down and sends him to the outside. Epico comes at the Uso, but he gets back bodydropped to the outside, knocking The Prime Time Players down.

Jimmy Uso gets a Samoan drop on Darren Young and brings in Jey. Jimmy off the ropes and he goes over the top with a suicide dive that knocks everyone on the outside over.

Jey and Young left in the ring. Jey going up top, but Primo is able to get up and crotch him on the ropes from the apron. He moves into the ring and starts unloading with punches on Jey. Going up for the superplex, but Young sets Jey up for a powerbomb. He turns it into his brutal Gutbuster.

Jey still up top and lands a splash on Primo. Young takes him off the pin and throws him to the outside.

Young with the pin and the victory for the Prime Time Players.

The Prime Time Players jaw at Kofi and R-Truth.


Raw Rebound features all of the dastardly acts of CM Punk this week.


Kaitlyn and Theodore Long discussing the Brogue Kick backstage, in front of the Smackdown GM office.

Dolph and Vickie come and try to visit the GM. Teddy blocks Vickie from opening the door. Vickie shoos Kaitlyn away.

Dolph makes his case for a rematch with Randy Orton.

Teddy says he will advise Booker to make that match at Night of Champions.


Wade Barrett returns next!


Wade Barrett vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Barrett back with a beard.

The bell rings and Barrett wants to start boxing. Flicking the jab. Tatsu ducks under the jab and gets the back of Barrett. Barrett backs him into the corner. Barrett throws a few sharp elbows that hurt Tatsu.

Tatsu hung up on the second rope and Barrett puts him on his feet. He grabs a Thai clinch that brings Tatsu's head over the top rope. Barrett with a few knees to the body of Tatsu.

Barrett off the ropes and a big boot that levels Tatsu.

Barrett plays to the crowd, who seem somewhat pleased to have him back. Pinfall only gets one for Barrett.

He ties up one of Tatsu's arms and holds his hair while he unloads haymakers to the ribs. Headbutt drops Tatsu. Barrett bends down to pick him up, but Tatsu kicks him. And another. Tatsu looks for a headkick, but Barrett ducks under and hits a sidekick to the gut.

Barrett puts in a chicken wing, while he fishhooks Tatsu's nose. He uses the chicken wing as a whip, as he extends Tatsu via his arm and pulls him in to a hard punch.

Pinfall and victory for Wade Barrett.

Barrett has a mic and says that after being gone for six months, matches like this don't interest him. He says they bore him to tears. He says that to make life interesting, he is now open for business.


Sheamus vs. David Otunga

Alberto Del Rio is out, looking dapper in a suit.

Lockup and Sheamus bullies Otunga into the corner. Ref orders a break and Otunga takes that chance to rough Sheamus up into a corner. Sheamus whipped into the ropes and Otunga wants a hip toss...but Otunga is on the wrong end of a clothesline.

Sheamus looks for a Brogue Kick, but Otunga ducks out and Sheamus gets put on the apron. Sheamus knocked down and Otunga brings him back in for a nearfall. Otunga with a shoulder block Otunga working Sheamus with punches to the stomach in the corner.

Otunga locks down a sleeper, but Sheamus fights out. Sheamus beating Otunga up in the corner with a shoulder block and knees. Otunga on the apron and he gets the dreaded forearms to the chest. He gets all ten.

White Noise here and he hits it.

Brogue Kick time.

And Booker is out.

And he bans the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus isn't happy. Alberto Del Rio is.

Otunga finally gets up and cracks Sheamus with a forearm. Otunga then gets hit with the Irish Curse.

Texas Cloverleaf in and Otunga taps.

Sheamus poses.

Fade to black.


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