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The Rock set to star in reality television series 'The Hero'

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's The Rock!

Dwayne Johnson, who we all know as The Rock when he hits the squared circle for WWE, is set to star in a reality series called The Hero. The series will have 10 "average Joes" living in a house together while being tested both mentally and physically to see if they have what it takes to be considered a modern day hero.

TNT's Newsroom has more details:

The Hero will bring 10 ordinary people together in a house and then assign them various missions that will test their brains, their brawn and even their morality. The show will challenge the competitors to prove they've got what it takes to be heroes, pushing them to the limits to see what they are willing (and able) to overcome, undergo or sacrifice for the sake of their fellow contestants. Johnson will serve as The Hero‘s mentor and motivator, encouraging the contestants to reach far beyond their personal limits. In the end, one player will rise above the others, overcoming obstacles he/she never thought possible in order to become a true hero.

In a twist that pro wrestling fans will surely appreciate, the show will be social media-friendly from start to finish. Sound like any other weekly cable programming you're familiar with?

In a unique twist on the reality-competition format, The Hero will incorporate social media into every facet of the show, from pre-production and casting to on-location shooting and live broadcasts. Through the show's interactive digital platform, viewers will be able to vote each week for the contestant they consider to be the most heroic. The series will also leverage the power of Johnson's enormous social-media following, which includes more than 10 million fans through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

For a non-reality show guy like myself, this sounds pretty decent and might be worth a trial viewing on my DVR.

Any of you Cagesiders feel the same way? Or will you pass on what The Rock is cooking this time?

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