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On this date in WWF history: The debut of Superstars of Wrestling

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It's hard to imagine a professional wrestling world that doesn't involve Monday Night Raw, especially for viewers of today who weren't around before 1993 when the show debuted on the USA network. But there was indeed a time when the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) relied on other television programs to help carry its business.

And on this date in history (Sept. 6, 1986), Superstars of Wrestling made its debut.

I'll let Wikipedia explain just what the show was all about:

Superstars was where all the angles began and at times ended and where the majority of title changes took place if not at a pay-per-view event (e.g. WrestleMania or SummerSlam). Matches primarily saw top tier and mid-level talent versus jobbers; pre-taped interviews with the WWF's roster of superstars; and promos featuring the wrestlers. At times, there was a "feature" match between main WWF talent. As with all syndicated WWF programming, another major aspect of the show was to promote house shows and TV tapings in each market.

Check out the first episode after the jump.

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