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TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Sept. 6: the 'No Surrender' go home show

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Impact Wrestling</a>.
Photo via Impact Wrestling.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Sept. 6, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show, and the final two matches in the Bound for Glory Series.

It's also the No Surrender go home show.

First up is Samoa Joe, hoping to close it out on top with a victory over Jeff Hardy, who is just trying to make it into the final four. The same applies for Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam, who will have their match later in the evening.

Plus, "Championship Thursday" debuts with Tag Team Champions, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, defending their titles against whomever Hulk Hogan chooses between the following list of potentials: Robbie E and Robbie T, Gunner and Kid Kash, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, and AJ Styles and a partner of his choosing.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. IMPACT live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Recap from last week.

Broadcast is live.

Promo for Bound for Glory Series closing up tonight. Actually pretty good.


BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Crowd starts clapping to start.

Lockup and Joe gets the wristlock. Hardy struggling. Hardy walks to the rope and gets out with a rope break.

Back to the feeling out process. Lockup and Hardy gets the side headlock. Joe sends him into the ropes and Hardy eats a shoulder block. Hardy rolls out of the ring to regroup. Ref starts the count.

Hardy back in after a five or so. Lockup and Joe muscles him into the corner. Ref wants a break, but Joe unleashes with a flurry of jabs that knocks Hardy down. Stomps in the corner. Hardy rolling on the mat, but Joe takes him and throws him to the outside.

Joe follows. Hardy is down, so Joe makes him seated and puts a knee to the chest of Hardy. Joe rolls in to break the count and gets Hardy to the steel steps. Hardy elbows his way out. Hardy moves the steps a little and asks the fans to move back. He launches himself into the air and crashes into Joe on the barricade.

Both men down on the outside as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Joe just laid out Hardy with an elbow.

During the break, Joe with a push kick to Hardy on the apron.

Nearfall for Joe in the ring. Holding Hardy by the hair, he knocks him down with a headbutt. Crowd split for both. Joe puts Hardy in the corner and hits him with a slew of jabs. Whips Hardy into the opposite corner and gets a back splash. Enzuigiri from Joe. He stalls, but gets a cover. Nearfall for Joe.

Joe looking frustrated here. He waits for Hardy to get up, but then punches a downed, cornered Hardy. Joe with a forearm, but Hardy answering with a few rights. He charges, but Joe with a powerslam for a nearfall.

Joe mad at the ref as he wanted more than two. Joe picks Hardy up, but Hardy with punches to the gut. Headbutt from Joe rocks Hardy. Whips Hardy into the corner, but Hardy charges out with a clothesline of sorts. And another.

Twisting kick from Hardy. Inverted atomic drop, then a double leg, then the leg drop to the balls from Hardy. Dropkick gets him a nearfall.

Both men struggling to stand. Jawbreaker from Hardy puts Joe down. Hardy going up top, but Joe runs to the corner and Hardy leaps over. Twist of Fate fails as Joe grabs the sleeper. Hardy runs him into the corner and gets a Whisper in the Wind.

Twist of Fate lands! Joe is wobbled. Hardy with a judo throw and he gets an armbar with his legs and working a neck crank. Or can opener, for those amateur wrestling experts. Joe taps!

Give Hardy ten points and a victory.


Recap of Aces and Eights taking out Aries last week.

Aries runs into Hogan backstage. He wonders how long he'll have to deal with this, as he is tired of being jumped. Aries wants to know how all these guys get in here.

Hogan says that he has a target on his back since he is champ. Hogan gives reasons for the members popping up, saying some were stagehands, cameramen, etc. He tells Aries to do what he has to do and for him to break their legs "old school-style" to get info on the group.

Aries says he will comply and hopes the members are ready.


Christy Hemme with Samoa Joe on the top of the stage.

She says despite the loss, Joe is still second. She asks her how he feels.

Magnus is out.

He says he knows how victory being stolen away feels like. He says he apologizes for the way he acted after their match. He wants to explain.

Magnus says him and Joe were a really good team. But, he says Joe ruined it all by being self-centered and making bad decisions. He says not to worry, as he forgives Joe for everything. He heads backstage.

Hemme ready to restart the interview, but Magnus runs up and cracks Joe in the back of the head with an elbow. Joe down and Magnus looks on.


Backstage, and Hogan is with the four teams that want a shot for "Championship Thursday."

Hogan tells everyone to make their case, starting with Robbie E and Robbie T.

E says that they are the youngest guys and the best athletes. He points to Chavo Guerrero, calling him a has-been. He points to Kid Kash and Gunner, saying they look like they are from the 80s with all those tattoos.

Hogan asks if Robbie E wants to turn those tattoos into a singles match, which Robbie E says that he wants the chance.

Kash and Gunner make their cases, saying Robbie E is the weakest.

AJ Styles in. He wants a shot.

Hogan babbles with the teams, and his first elimination is AJ. AJ is upset, but Hogan does not relent.

He tells the other teams to settle down.


Brooke Hogan backstage with Tara.

She was impressed with Tara's performance at Open Fight Night. She says that Tara will be given a match at No Surrender. Hogan says she brought in the Taryn Terrell to ensure there would be no sleazy referee business in the Knockouts Division.

Gail Kim in and she is upset that "eye candy" is getting shots on TV.

Brooke invites her to fight Tara tonight.

Looks like that will be happening.


Tara vs. Gail Kim

Taryn Terrell is your referee.

Lockup and Gail gets the side headlock. Headlock takeover from Gail Kim. Tara fights out with a wristlock, but Gail kicks away the hand. Arm drag from Gail Kim and a dropkick.

Tara back to her feet and a punch. Armdrag from Tara. Tara muscling Gail up against the ropes, but Kim has some hair. Kim off the ropes and a back bodydrop from Tara.

Flying armbar from Gail after shutting down Tara's offense. Uppercut from Gail, which corners Tara. Gail charging and a hard shoulder block to the stomach. Kim out on the apron and a stomp to Tara.

In-ring and Gail with a nearfall. Gail choking Tara by standing on her. She mounts Tara and gets some ground and pound. Rollup from Tara and nearfall. Gail with a boot to the head to stop the offense.

Gail with a cover and nearfall. Knee to the gut of Tara. Whips Tara into the corner and charges, but Tara moves. Powerslam from Tara. Punch from Tara. Series of clotheslines and a double sledgehammer.

Tara with a delayed vertical suplex and float over for a nearfall. Tara stepping on Gail, but Gail grabs the leg and trips her onto the second rope. Gail going up top, but Tara crotches her on the rope.

Tara carries Gail to the middle of the ring and gets the Widow's Peak.

Pinfall and victory for Tara.


Gut Check promo featuring Joey Ryan.

Al Snow on his way to the ring as we go to break.


Snow with the mic.

He says that there has been a jackass interrupting Impact for the past four months. Snow says Joey Ryan has his attention and he is giving him another opportunity. He says he knows Joey is here and to bring his ass out here.

Joey hits the ring. Snow wants him to have a mic.

Ryan says what a difference a day makes. He asks Snow if he feels the electricity because Ryan is bringing sleazy back.

Snow tells him to shut up and that he will give Ryan a contract if he goes through Gut Check again and wins his match. No judges, no kickers involved.

Ryan says it is a cute offer, but he already proved it with 87% of crowd approval.

Snow wonders if Ryan is scared.

Ryan says no, and after a bit, he takes the offer.

Snow says he will give him a contract if he can beat him.

Ryan says that it isn't the 90s anymore and no one wants to see Snow in spandex. Snow says he doesn't care, as he will beat him up in jeans. He smacks Ryan hard and Ryan falls to the ground and rolls outside.

Ryan outside saying that Snow can'[t touch him, as he doesn't work for TNA. He says he will be suing Snow and TNA.

Snow looks like a guilty man in-ring.


Backstage, Joseph Park on the phone.

Bully Ray enters.

He tells Park that he isn't here to him harm, as he just wants to know what is going on with Park's investigation.

Park says it isn't really any of his business, but he will let Sting and Hogan know that he inquired.

Bully says that's fine, but warns Park to keep his nose clean, as he doesn't know the kind of people that Bully knows.

Park thanks him.


Security throws an unmasked member of Aces and Eights in a chair in a utility room.

Aries comes in and laws down the law, saying that he can either talk or he can catch a beating.

Aries is ready to have some fun.


Hogan with the three remaining teams for Championship Thursday.

He explains the current situation of TNA and why he has been neglecting Kaz and Daniels. He asks Chavo why he deserves a shot.

Chavo says he respects everyone here, but he deserves the shot.

Kid Kash responds that he has only been here a few weeks and that, with all due respect, he doesn't respect Chavo.

Robbie E says that neither team has the experience that him and Robbie T have, as they've been together for a year.

Tempers flare a bit, and Hogan eliminates Gunner and Kash. He says they are taking this too personal, as it is only business.

"Later tattoos!" Robbie E is money.


BFG Series: Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam (RVD) does his pose. Bully taunts him and tells him to look at the calfs.

RVD with a kick to the leg. RVD going for a body kick, but Bully catches it and sweeps RVD. Fakes an elbow drop. Both men looking to lockup, but Bully with a kick to the gut. Punches and kicks follow. RVD gets a side headlock, but Bully turns it into a bear hug for a second.

Bully sends RVD into the ropes and drops him with an elbow. Stomps to the head and back of RVD. Now a kick to the ribs. Punch to the head of RVD. RVD up and gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Both men standing and square up with fisticuffs. Ref admonishes the closed fists. Lockup and RVD with the side headlock. Bear hug from Bully, but RVD holds on. Bully lifting RVD, then lifts again. RVD still holds on, so Bully grabs some hair and pushes RVD into the ropes.

RVD gets out of a back bodydrop and lands a kick. Hip toss from Bully as RVD comes off the ropes, but RVD lands on his feet. RVD ducks under a strike and gets a superkick. Nearfall for RVD.

And Bully goes outside to regroup.

Unfortunately, RVD uses it to land a baseball slide kick. RVD posing in-ring and goes off the ropes. Flip dive to the outside lays both men out.

RVD puts Bully back inside and wants to go up top. Bully dives to the top rope and shakes it. RVD crotches in the corner. Bully yanks RVD, who is hung on the rope with his left knee. Bully using the opportunity to slug RVD all over his body, specifically working on that leg. RVD out and Bully slams his leg into the mat. Stepping on the leg now.

Middle of the ring and Bully with an elbow drop to the hurt leg. Bully working a leg lock, but RVD gets the leg over and looking for an armbar now. Bully gets out and works the leg lock with punches as well.

Both men back standing and RVD is hurt in the corner. Bully punishing him with fists. Bully gets in Hebner's face, but Hebner wins the shouting match to push him into the corner. Bully charges at RVD, but he gets hit with a wheel kick.

RVD in control with right hands. Two clotheslines from RVD. RVD with the stepover kick.

Rolling Thunder time and he gets a nearfall from it.

Bully in the corner, licking his wounds. RVD gets a monkey flip. Springboard crossbody in the corner from RVD gets a nearfall. RVD goes to the opposite corner for his springboard sidekick, but Bully backs out. Big boot lands for Bully. Nearfall.

Bully drags RVD near the corner and going for a middle-rope splash. Nothing doing. RVD wants a split-leg moonsault, but Bully is able to scoot away. No matter, as RVD gets his springboard sidekick.

RVD is feeling froggy. He goes up and looking for the Five-Star Frog Splash. He leaps, but Bully is right there and catches him in the Bubba Cutter.

Bully with the pin and victory. Give him seven and RVD is eliminated.


Aries backstage with the Aces and Eights member.

He has the man's info. His name is Mike and he is a freelance gripper for cameramen. Aries says that he is going to get some answers since he has the target on his back.

He says they can do this two ways. He asks him to just tell him. Aries then shows him the other way, as he smacks him. He says he is a grip, so he must know what pliers are for. He grabs his tongue with the pliers and starts begging for info.

Hogan in and he calms Aries down. He says to chill, because he wants a piece. He smacks the grip across the face.

Phone call.

Hogan wants to make a deal, as it is the VP of Aces and Eights. He says that he'll make a deal. If Aces and Eights give them the guy who broke Aries' arm, they'll let the grip live and give him back in a trade.

Hogan says the grip is all for Aries now, but to let him live until the end of the show.

Hogan and Aries are taking hostages, y'all.


James Storm is out here.

Storm says he has had a hell of a rollercoaster ride this past year. At the beginning of the year, he was looking for the world title. When he lost it, he started doubting himself and went home. He says he thought about and all of his friends said something was missing.

Storm said what was missing was the crowd going crazy for him. He said he came to win BFG Series and he did. He said he got better with the competition as they came.

He invites the three finalists of the BFG Series to come out so he can pick his opponent.

He praises all three men and ultimately selects Bully Ray.

He tells Bully to come to the ring because he has something to say to Bully face-to-face. Bully asks if he is sure he wants him in the ring. Storm says he has been accusing him of being the leader of Aces and Eights. Storm said last year, Bully ended his chance at the title. This year, Storm will end Bully's chance.

"Sorry! About your damn luck!"

Bully vs. Storm, Joe vs. Hardy are your matches at No Surrender.


Kazarian and Christopher Daniels looking nervous backstage, awaiting their opponents.


Christy Hemme backstage with RVD.

Magnus is here to interrupt again. He asks Christy to show some compassion for the man coming off the loss. Magnus goes about saying RVD is washed-up, saying that he isn't the man he once was.

RVD and Magnus go at it, prompting D'Lo Brown and Al Snow to break them up.


TNA World Tag Team Titles: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Brawl to start out and Chavo and Hernandez clear house.

Chavo goes to slug it out with Kaz, while Hernandez goes after Daniels.

Back in-ring and Chavo is tagged in by Hernandez to fight Daniels. Uppercut from Chavo and he tags Hernandez back in. Bear hug from Hernandez then a belly-to-belly.

Chavo in and a dropkick for a nearfall. Chavo puts Daniels in their corner and landing punches. Guerrero with an abdominal stretch on Daniels in their corner, then tags in Hernandez. Hernandez with a punch to the ribs. Hernandez works Daniels, then tags in Chavo. Chavo is slammed onto Daniels by Hernandez and gets a nearfall.

Kaz gets in and Chavo hip tosses him out of his boots. Tag in to Hernandez, who powers Kaz into the corner. Face into the turnbuckle, back to their corner and Chavo is in. Double elbow from the tag team.

Kaz with a knee to Chavo and brings in Daniels. Daniels gets hurricanrana'd and eats a dropkick. A dropkick to Kaz, too. Hernandez in and whips Daniels into the corner. Daniels tries a floatover, but gets caught. He escapes and brings in Kaz. Backbreaker from Hernandez to Kaz.

Hernandez with a delayed verticaal suplex. Daniels comes in and tries to interfere, but he gets the Three Amigos from Chavo. Hernandez finally brings Kaz down and the champs run outside.


Back and Chavo working Daniels in the corner. He gets a boot to Daniels, but Kaz distracts him and gets a hangman's neckbreaker. STO from Daniels and some ground and pound.

Kaz in. Daniels with an over the top elbow drop and Kaz with an over the top leg drop. Ground and pound from Kaz.

Daniels back in. Daniels with a punch to the gut of Chavo, who is then on the wrong end of a front-flip neckbreaker form Kaz.

Kaz works Chavo on the outside.

Daniels with a nearfall inside and Kaz is brought in. Kaz off the ropes and a hip toss from Daniels gets Kaz a leg drop on Chavo, Nearfall. Kaz stretching Chavo out. Chavo out and going for a side suplex. Kaz ducks and goes for a clothesline. Chavo ducks under and tags in Hernandez.

And Hernandez clears house with power offense. After all is said and done, he lands a sit-down powerbomb.

Kaz and Daniels overwhelm him and he gets whipped into the corner. Enziguri from Kaz. Daniels charges, but gets a boot. Kaz going up-top, but Chavo knocks him down. Chavo then goes up top and hurricanranas Hernandez onto Kaz.

Nearfall, as Daniels comes in and puts himself under the ref's hand and stops the fall.

All hell breaks loose and Daniels trying to split-leg moonsault on the outside to Chavo, but misses and catches Kaz instead. Hernandez then going over the top and the big man flies.

Hernandez brings Kaz in and Chavo follows. Chavo whips Kaz into the corner, then whips Hernandez into Kaz.

Daniels in and Chavo charges, only to get back bodydropped to the outside. Hernandez has Kaz up and the ref is distracted with throwing one of the tag titles out of the ring. Daniels has the other and cracks Hernandez in the gut with it.

Kaz with the rollup and the pin. Champs retain.

Hogan comes out.

He says he has a man in the back in AJ Styles that says he can beat both men at the same time.

Kaz and Daniels doubt this, and Hogan says he agrees.

That's why it will be Styles and Kurt Angle versus the champions at No Surrender.


Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher, RVD vs. Magnus, Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion are all announced as well.


Aries out with the grip, named Mike from New York, from Aces and Eights.

Aries is ready to trade for the guy who broke his arm.

Aries says he has the sorry excuse for a man and he'll exchange him for a fight with the "armbreaker" at No Surrender.

Aces and Eights is stalling.

Aries is ready to call the deal off. He says he is ready to go back to the original plan. He says he will beat the answers out of him.

Mike says he will talk.

He was about to talk, but the big guy who broke the arm of Aries pulls him out of the ring, He clocks Mike with a hammer.

Aries with a suicide dive and the two start slugging it out in the ring.

They fight as the show fades to black.


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