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Triple H cuts his hair, still has six million forehead wrinkles

Photo via <a href="" target="new"></a>.
Photo via

Slow news day?

Yes, it is a slow news day, actually, but there was no way I wasn't sharing this with you lovely Cagesiders. Triple H has slowly (god, it's been slow) been making the transition from on screen active talent to a top ranking executive within WWE.

Part of the way he's doing so is by cutting the long locks that were a trademark of his look for many, many years.

The folks at snapped the above photo and immediately flipped their lid, much like yours truly. Yes, we all wigged out upon seeing "The Game" without that ponytail he's been rocking for forever and a day, as Hulk Hogan would say. But don't worry, he's still got those six million forehead wrinkles (seriously, what is that?).

This just feels weird to me. Anyone else feeling the same?

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