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NFL Week 1 Scores And Cageside Seats Fantasy Football Open Thread

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Editor's note: We here at are big football fans and, as discussed previously, we'll be doing open threads every Thursday, Sunday and Monday throughout the season. While we will continue to focus our energy on covering the pro wrestling industry, as only we can, we feel the community has grown enough to support outside interests many of us all share. And what better way to foster that than with pro football? Have fun with this, as that's all it's meant for!

Football season is finally here!

That's right, folks, your favorite family is full of National Football League (NFL) fans, and we couldn't be more excited about the upcoming season, which kicked off its first week with the Wednesday night (Sept. 5) game pitting the Dallas Cowboys against the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

On top of the actual football season itself, Cageside Seats is running a fantasy football league with 12 Cagesiders battling it out over the next few months for ultimate supremacy, bragging rights and a big trophy.

This post will represent an open thread for both.

For those in the fantasy league, feel free to discuss your match-ups this week as well as lob plenty of trash talk at your opponents. Just try to keep it clean. For those simply looking to discuss all the NFL action alongside your fellow Cageside community members, this is where you can do so.

After the jump, check out the NFL Week 1 schedule, which will be updated with scores as they happen, along with the Cageside Seats Fantasy Football league match-ups for the week.


Wed., Sept. 5

Dallas vs. NY Giants - 24-17 Cowboys

Sun., Sept. 9

Indianapolis vs. Chicago - 41-21 Bears
Philadelphia vs. Cleveland - 17-16 Eagles
New England vs. Tennessee - 34-13 Patriots
Atlanta vs. Kansas City - 40-24 Falcons
Jacksonville vs. Minnesota - 26-23 Vikings
Washington vs. New Orleans - 40-32 Redskins
Buffalo vs. NY Jets - 48-28 Jets
St. Louis vs. Detroit - 27-23 Lions
Miami vs. Houston - 30-10 Texans
San Francisco vs. Green Bay - 30-22 49ers
Seattle vs. Arizona - 20-16 Cardinals
Carolina vs. Tampa Bay - 16-10 Bucs
Pittsburgh vs. Denver - 31-19 Broncos

Mon., Sept. 10

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore - 44-13 Ravens
San Diego vs. Oakland - 22-6 Chargers

Cageside Seats Fantasy Football Week 1 Schedule

The General vs. BrooklynBrawler4Life - 140.10-127.64 The General
GrubTub vs. ULTMMA - 140.50-118.54 GrubTub
James Carlucci BITW vs. Union Street - 122.42-114.36 James Carlucci BITW
LRaunThaDamaja vs. Buckeye Brawler - 168.56-95.40 Buckeye Brawler
CaptIreland82 vs. Hollywood Wallace - 129.82-107.14 CaptIreland82
Nolan Howell vs. King Combo - 145.14-88.82 King Combo

Enjoy the action!

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