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Video: More Anger Management Classes With Kane And Daniel Bryan

You thought we would let this video go without posting it here? Of course not.

WWE taped multiple anger management class skits with Kane and Daniel Bryan, the first airing on last week's edition of Monday Night Raw and the next airing just last night (Sept. 3). And they were glorious.

Part of the reason the segments have been so good is because WWE typically fails miserably when it tries to do funny, mostly because those in charge are so terribly out of touch with what's funny in today's world. Many of those at the top who decide such things live in such a pro wrestling bubble, they simply don't know any better.

But the subject matter here was just good enough that strong performances from Kane and Daniel Bryan (who has become the very best thing in pro wrestling today, hands down) put it over the top.

After the jump, watch the two have a Hug-It-Out match, which was arguably even better than their anger management class work. I should make sure to note here, seeing as I didn't mention it in the Raw reactions post, that The Miz was actually very good on commentary during this segment. I, too, found myself wondering aloud what the hell they needed a referee for when all they were doing was hugging.

Anyway, enjoy:

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